Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland (N.I.) is one of the four countries comprising the United Kingdom and borders the Republic of Ireland to the south and west. It is a misconception that NI is part of Great Britain, but this is not the case. Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales. 

Northern Ireland is made up of 6 of the 9 counties of the Irish province of Ulster : Derry (Londonderry), Fermanagh, Armagh, Antrim, Down & Tyrone. The remaining counties are part of the Republic of Ireland : Monaghan, Cavan & Donegal.

Around 2 million people live in Northern Ireland, mostly concentrated around the two largest cities of Derry and Belfast (the capital).

Northern Ireland has a colourful political history. For over fifty years there has been a devolved government at Stormont which has been active and dormant at various times depending on the political climate. This political climate was governed in the past by an ethno-political conflict known as "The Troubles". Present day Northern Ireland has moved past this part of its history and is striving to leave these remnants in the past where they belong. 

The country has become an active tourist destination in recent times on account of this political history, it's historic reputation for Linen and Shipbuilding, cultural festivals, geographical beauty, lively nightlife, welcoming hospitality and the hugely successful TV show Game of Thrones.

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Northern Ireland is a relatively young country (<100 years), however it has a vivid and deep history. While it is probably best known internationally for The Troubles, there is a huge variety of Irish and Ulster myths, legends and folk tales which have roots in what would now be called Northern Ireland.

The Northern Irish have a rich culture which is different compared to what you are likely to find in Great Britain or in the Republic of Ireland. 

Belfast in particular is known for the huge volume of pubs and clubs that are spotted around the city. This is supplemented by a large number of events, activities and festivals that occur all year round.  In your stay with us we hope to help you experience much of the culture and events.


There are places to worship in Belfast for all major religions.

Living standards in Northern Ireland are high. Preferentially trainees will be housed in University accommodation and will be paid at least the minimum wage which is sufficient to live on without subsidy.

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