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The Local Committee (L.C.)

The original members were drawn from those hardy Northern Irish men and women who had braved an I.A.E.S.T.E. exchange in countries as far flung as Poland, Japan, Switzerland, and Norway (amongst some others), and had returned to tell the tale. The Local Committee formed in 2008, but we did not receive our 'craic-peddling' licence until 2009, in that we didn't actually do anything until 2009. We Northern Irish love pedantry. And beer. Both well represented in Stormont and Harp lager. Opinions vary.

The local committee consists of ex-trainees from Northern Ireland who have returned to Belfast and wish to enhance the I.A.E.S.T.E. experience for visiting trainees. We work together with the British Council in Northern Ireland, planning cultural events for local members and trainees throughout the year.

If you wish to contact the LC please send an email to: iaesteni.lc@gmail.com

The Local Committee for 2017/2018

Órlaith O'Shaughnessy (President)

Caitlin Gilchrist-Millar (Treasurer)

Sam Scott

Ellie Bennett

Joseph Guy (Secretary)

Marc Milliken

Sarah Clendinning

Patrick Martin