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Local Committee

The original members were drawn from those hardy Northern Irish men and women who had braved an I.A.E.S.T.E. exchange in countries as far flung as Poland, Japan, Switzerland, and Norway (amongst some others), and had returned to tell the tale (Note: We should point out that every student does actually return to tell the tale, it's just a figure of speech). The Local Committee was formed in early 2008, however we didn't receive our craic peddling licence until 2009, in that we didn't actually do anything until 2009. We Northern Irish love pedantry. And beer. Both well represented in Stormont and Harp lager. Opinions vary.

The I.A.E.S.T.E. N.I. LC consists of ex-I.A.E.S.T.E. trainees from Northern Ireland who have returned to Belfast and wish to enhance the I.A.E.S.T.E. experience for visiting trainees. We work together with the British Council in Northern Ireland to plan cultural events for LC members and foreign trainees throughout the year.

If you wish to contact the LC please send an email to:

Or message us on our Facebook page.

For more information about IAESTE NI and the LC visit the About page.

Returning Trainees

If you are a returning trainee then we would love for you to get involved in the LC at home. It really is a rewarding and beneficial experience. It also looks great on a CV, if that's your bag. We are an official Queens University society too so membership of the LC can go some way towards your additional credits for "Student Plus". UU students are very welcome to join as well!

You will hopefully find some presence from ourselves and/or the British Council at careers events and club's & society fairs within the university calendar, so if you are interested in joining or finding out more about what we do then come and have a chat with us or send us an email at the address above.


Marc Milliken (President)

Caitlin Gilchrist-Millar (Treasurer)

Ciara Murray (British Council Rep.)

Rachael Hutton

Grace Curran

Sam Scott

Victoria McCormick (Secretary)

Joseph Guy (Media Officer)

James Nicol

Nathan Robinson

Órlaith O'Shaughnessy

Sarah Clendinning