N.I. Trainees

The LC is primarily concerned with helping incoming trainees settle down and enjoy their time in Northern Ireland, but we also like to get involved with outgoing trainees as well. After all, these outgoing trainees will hopefully be the blood of the LC for the next few years! As a result we have compiled some information that might be helpful for outgoing trainees or local students who are thinking of applying for an IAESTE placement elsewhere in the world.

Information for Students

Are you a current university student in any Northern Ireland institution? If you are, then this is the place for you to find out information on applying for an IAESTE traineeship in NI.

Information for Outgoing Trainees

Congratulations for getting accepted onto an IAESTE placement. Naturally, you will have some doubts about working and living in a foreign country, but there are support systems available to you and you can find out about them here. 

Information for Returning Trainees

Welcome back to Northern Ireland! In order to beat those post-placement blues, come and join us at the LC and spend a summer with all the incoming international trainees.