The Iowa Driftless Chapter of Trout Unlimited and the Decorah Public Library ( embarked on a partnership to establish a signature collection of fishing books, primarily but not exclusively, on trout fishing.

The Iowa Driftless Collection of fishing books focuses on fishing the Driftless area.  Books, such as those related to a variety of fish in the area including smallmouth bass, are also included.  The material in the collection is available to all Iowa residents through the inter-library loan program.  

The collection includes books that are regarded as classics in the field as well as newer books that have received favorable reviews.  Both print and nonprint material, such as DVDs, are included.  The material in the collection covers a wide array of topics related to fishing equipment, getting started, fishing small streams, fly casting, fly tying, conservation and stream improvement, entomology and others.

The partnership represents a three-year commitment between the library and the Iowa Driftless Chapter.  The Iowa Driftless Chapter purchases and donates books, DVDs, and other non-print material to the collection.  The library catalogs, distributes, and maintains the collection.  Together, they provide the community with a premier collection of unusually desirable material on fly fishing not generally available.  The collection, as a work in progress, will continue to expand over time.

Donations of appropriate topics related to fishing from chapter members and friends are gratefully received.  Books may also be given in memory of a friend or family member.  All of the material in the collection is identifiable by a faceplate inside the cover of the book.  Those interested in contributing to the collection may contact the chapter librarian at:

The following is a partial listing of fly fishing books available from the Decorah Public Library and donated by our club:

An outdoor journal : adventures and reflections

Carter, Jimmy. 1924-

Iowa fish and fishing

Harlan, James R.

Iowa fish and fishing : the way to the White House

Harlan, James R.

Open season : sporting adventures

Humphrey, William.

Iowans outdoors : best outdoor stories

Muhm, Don.

Book of fish and fishing

Rhead, Louis.

Father water, Mother woods

Paulsen, Gary.

The Armchair angler

Brykczynski, Terry.

Cleaning & cooking fish

Bashline, Sylvia G.

The Complete book of sportfishing

Bauer, Erwin.

Fishing : an angler's dictionary

Beard, Henry.

Fishing with Ray Bergman

Bergman, Ray. 1891-1966.

Trout : the trout fisherman's bible

Bergman, Ray. 1891-1966.

Fishing tips & tricks

Breining, Greg.

Trout fishing

Brooks, Joe. 1905-1972.

Fishing made easy

Cone, Arthur L.

What the river knows

Fields, Wayne.

The Fish's eye

Frazier, Ian.

Fly fishing small streams

Gierach, John. 1946-

Flyfishing the high country

Gierach, John. 1946-

Trout bum

Gierach, John. 1946-

The View from Rat Lake

Gierach, John. 1946-

The Gigantic book of fishing stories


How to fish from top to bottom

Gordon, Sid.

Fishless days, angling nights

Hackle, Sparse Grey. 1892-

A River Never Sleeps

Haig-Brown, Roderick L.

Fishing for fun and to wash your soul

Hoover, Herbert.

Joe Humphreys's trout tactics

Humphreys, Joseph B. 1929-

Jerusalem Creek : journeys into driftless country

Leeson, Ted.

Fly-rod casting

Old fishing lures and tackle : an identification and value guide

Luckey, Carl F.

Flyfisher's guide to Wisconsin

Motoviloff, John. 1967-

Fly tying and fly fishing for bass and panfish

Nixon, Tom.

Largemouth bass

Oster, Don.

Fly-fishing the 41st : around the world on the 41st parallel

Prosek, James. 1975-

Trout fishing and trout flies

Fish and fishing : a Better homes & gardens book

Reece, Maynard.

Esquire's book of fishing

Scharff, Robert.

The Trout, the whole trout, and nothing but the trout

Shingleton, John D.

Native trout of North America

Smith, Robert H. 1908-

Selective trout

Swisher, Doug.

How to catch walleye

Warburton, Jay.

Advanced bass fishing

Weiss, John. 1944-

Death, taxes, and leaky waders

Gierach, John. 1946-

Caught me a big 'un--and then I let him go

Houston, Jimmy.

Trout madness

Traver, Robert. 1903-

A Different angle : fly fishing stories by women

Morris, Holly.

Fishing for beginners

Fabian, John.

Getting started in fly fishing

Fuller, Tom. 1948-

The Big one

Kinney, David (David Francis)

How to catch the biggest trout of your life

Mayer, Landon R.

The Complete idiot's guide to fly fishing

Shook, Michael D.

Familiar world : notes of a Driftless fly fisher

Skeate, Jeffery.

Riverweather : fly fishing & Iowa's Driftless region

Skeate, Jeffery.

Fishing with live bait

Sternberg, Dick.

Fly fishing : a life in mid-stream

Tirana, Turhan.

Fishing on ice

Vick, Noel. 1968-

The One that got away : a memoir

Raines, Howell.

All fishermen are liars

Greenlaw, Linda. 1960-

Smallmouth fly fishing

Holschlag, Tim.

How to catch bass

Rice, Philip.

Formula for Success : crappie

Youngquist, Mark.

The Field & stream treasury of trout fishing

edited by Leonard M. Wright, Jr.

Club donated books:

 Upper Midwest Flies That Catch Trout

Ross Mueller


Fly Fishing Midwestern Spring Creeks

Ross Mueller


Nymphing: A Basic Book

Gary A. Borger


The Benchguide to Fly Tying

Ted Leeson, Jim Schollmeyer


Art Flick's New Streamside Guide

Art Flick


Fishing: An Encyclopedic Guide

Bates, Joseph D., Jr.


Modern Book of the Black Bass

Dalrymple, Byron


Bassin' With a Fly Rod

Ellis, Jack


How to Fish From Top to Bottom

Gordon, Sid W.


The Joys of Fishing

Gowen, Emmett


Complete Book of Bass Fishing

Gresham, Grits


Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple (Video)

Morris, Skip


Advanced Fly Fishing Techniques

Kreh, Lefty


A Complete Guide to Angling for Panfish

Rice, Philip F


Master the Cast:Fly Casting in Seven Lessons

Roberts, George V. Jr.


Matching the Hatch

Schwiebert, Earnest G., Jr.



Schaw, Helen


Familiar Fishes of North America

Walden, Howard T. 2nd.


A. K.'s Fly Box

A. K. Best


Fishing Small Streams With A Fly Rod

Meck, Charles


L.L. Bean Fly Fishing Handbook, 2nd

Whitlock, Dave


Trout from Small Streams

Hughes, Dave


Lefty Kreh's Presenting the Fly

Kreh, Lefty


Nymph Fishing Rivers and Streams: A Biologist's View

Hafele, Rick


In the Ring of the Rise

Marinaro, Vincent C.


Tying Small Flies

Engle, Ed


Fishing Small Flies

Engle, Ed


Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying

Craven, Charle


Favorite and Their Histories

Orvis, Marbury Orvis


Carp on the Fly: A Flyfishing Guide

Reynolds, Barry, et. al


The Fly-tying Bible

Gathercole, Peter


Tying Trout Flies: 12 of the Best

Meyer, Deke


The Orvis Fly-fishing Guide

Rosenbauer, Tom


The Fly Fishing Anthology

Ibister, Danielle I (ed.)


Through the Fish's Eye

Sosin, Mark and Clark, John


Complete Book of Fly Fishing

Brooks, Joe


Complete Book of Bass Fishing

Gresham, Grits


Complete Book of Fresh Water Fishing

 Parsons, P. Allen


Fishing: An Encyclopedic Guide

Bates, Joseph D. Jr.

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