playing around with (my) data


Happy New Year everyone :)

I'm enjoying the last days of winter holidays with a slight sense of guilt... i've stayed away from data for far too long! So i thought this might be a good opportunity to fool around (without any fear of scientific rigorousness and constructive peer-reviewing) using my own data. My - kind of old and already tried by others - idea of fun was to use my publications-related data to build my own network of co-authors.

The procedure i followed was very simple (even simplistic one might argue...):

  • I exported my publications in a csv format (from Google Scholar, to be frank)
  • I created the adjacency matrix of co-authors. Authors with at least one common paper got a "1" and the rest got a "0". No weights, no nothing.
  • I turned the matrix into an undirected graph (using R>igraph), plotted the network and....


As i said, very simple and totally not sophisticated. But still, fun! I really like the way the graph captures my course over time. I think i have some "next steps" in my to-do-for-fun list! I hope it wont take a year.... ;)