27/04/18: ICLS2018/Festival of Learning @London. What a place to be!

Post date: Jun 27, 2018 10:57:42 AM

This year's International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2018) was a blast! Exciting, busy, colourful, informative, transformative, rich! So many inspiring talks and lines of research. The three keynotes - from Iris Tabak on the Quantified Self vs. the Quantified Learner, from Judith Green on Ethnography and from Simon Buckingham Shum on Learning Analytics) was the highlight for me. I wholeheartedly encourage people to visit the isls.org website and look for the video recordings of the keynotes.

Iris Tabak
Judith Green
Simon Buckingham Shum

Other than than, it was so good to meet old friends and get to know some new ones in this Festival of Learning! During the conference, I had the honour to chair a super exciting session on Collaboration - six brilliant papers by six strong research teams, all favourites (link here)! I was (and still am) also proud to give a talk for our common research line with Paulo Carvalho from Carnegie Mellon University, "Will time tell? Exploring the relationship between step duration and student performance" (slides here).

So, today I will pretty much wrap up my ICLS 2018 experience. Or at least, the "active" part. Cause i am sure that this one will carry on having an effect and an impact for a long time to come. Nothing but good feelings and sweet memories, cheers for the ones to follow!