A workshop for

LASI Nordic 2019

Time's going by fast and the registration for the Nordic Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI) - that will take place in Tallinn, August 28th-30th, see below - is already open! We will host a workshop on Using Learning Analytics to design appropriate, student-centred feedback (Friday, 30th) and we would be very excited to see you there!

Workshop description: In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to provide personalized interventions through the application of learning analytics and pedagogical reasoning. In particular, we will apply various computational algorithms on existing data and attempt to interpret findings based on established educational theories. Then, participants will design appropriate feedback to facilitate learning, taking into account the principles of the Zone of Proximal Development and Contingent Tutoring. This workshop hopes to contribute to bridging the gap between pedagogical theory and practice when it comes to scaffolding. By the end of the session, participants will be able to combine established theoretical frameworks and modern practices that build on computational and technological advances to establish appropriate learning conditions by addressing specific student needs.

If you are interested, please register before June 16th :) Also, please feel free to forward this "invitation" to students and colleagues who may be interested!

To register or view more information, you can visit the LASI website: https://lasi2019.tlu.ee/

Looking forward to meeting you there!