IAC Family Needs and Offerings


From time to time needs arise with families at the school.  This site is meant to be a one stop shop for families who may have a need or may be able to meet a need.                                 Please check back regularly!
Needs:  (examples: Carpooling, babysitting, meals, information about the community, etc.)

Current Needs:

*meals for a family of 3 (meals are for post-surgical care)

*meals for a family of 5 (with a new baby)

Offerings:  (example: used clothing that your children have outgrown, tickets to an event you are not using, etc.)

Current Offerings:

*A friend donated tennis shoes to our school (they can be found in the lost and found). Please feel free to look through them if your child needs clean shoes for gym.

*We have clothing vouchers available to Innocademy Families for the Sonshine Store in Bravo. These are good for one bag of free clothing.