This site is dedicated to the  IACC's Readers Club and Read to Win program.

On this site, you should be able to see the upcoming Readers Club programs, their dates, the topics for each program and the list of winners for the Read to Win competitions.

Membership: Free

The Purpose of the Readers Club is to inspire and motivate our Youth to build a friendly relationship with literature that can positively nourish their souls, minds, and bodies.

Discussion on Literature will help youth:
Ø Gain knowledge on various topics that are not otherwise discussed
Ø Get involved and stayed connected with their Masjid and the Muslim Community
Ø Learn to voice their opinions on all sorts of topics
Ø Gain the reading speeds needed to be successful in higher education.

And Much More!

You can see all IACC Youth Events on our website at http://PlanoMasjid.org/youth.

Upcoming Readers Club program: