Our field has changed over the years. Now people are connected one-to-one, one to many, and many to many! How do we include this transformation in our training? What tools are needed to make this change? Will my computer be able to use the application? These questions may be familiar to many people. Well, webinars provide answers to these questions. Webinars (Web-Based - Seminars) allow you to click on a link provided in an email, register for the seminar - for free, and watch it at your workplace, home, or just about anywhere you have internet access. View this PowerPoint presentation for more information.
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What Is a Webinar, and How Can You Use It?
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To access the online meeting content, go to where you should log in with the Guest option (add your name so we can know who you are in the chat). Please let me know if you have any questions about how to participate in this webinar.


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When people attends a presentation, they either come with expectancy to gain knowledge or they were required to come - therefore may not be as interested in the topic. Regardless of the reasoning for attending, a presenter should focus the presentation in a way that motivates interaction and promotes a will to participate. Here is an example of how to design an audience-focused presentation. Download a free guide designed by Olivia Mitchell "How to make an effective PowerPoint Presentation". Visit Olivia's website for more information and request a great newsletter!

Overcomming Nervousness

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