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2021 National Competition in Des Moines, Iowa

2020 National Competition in Anchorage, Alaska

Cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic

2019 National Competition in Bloomington, Minnesota

Our State Championship Team, Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School, and coach Kevin Darrow had tremendous results at this year's national competition taking 2nd Place in Division II and 2nd Place in the culminating Super Quiz competition! Earning individual awards were Emma Lassen (H) GOLD Interview; Chiara Affatigato (H) SILVER Art; Caroline Winter (H) BRONZE Economics, SILVER Music, BRONZE Literature, BRONZE Art, and SILVER OVERALL; Karlee Colby (S) GOLD Literature, SILVER Art, and BRONZE OVERALL; Elizabeth Buchheim (S) BRONZE Science; Daniel Daugherty (S) BRONZE Social Science and BRONZE Science; Logan Hannen (V) BRONZE Economics, SILVER Social Science, GOLD Science, GOLD Speech, and BRONZE Interview; Mackenzie Varo (V) SILVER Literature, BRONZE Art, and SILVER Speech; Elias Etten (V) GOLD Music, BRONZE Social Science, GOLD Science, SILVER Art Varsity, SILVER OVERALL 

Our Division IV Team, South Central Calhoun High School, and coach John Olson had a great time in Minnesota as well taking 7th Place in Division IV. Earning individual medals were AJ Maulsby (S) with a SILVER in Economics, a BRONZE in Music, and a BRONZE in  Science and Zach Chanchom (V) with a SILVER in Music

2018 National Competition in Frisco, Texas

The 2018 State Championship team from Cedar Rapids Jefferson represented Iowa at the USAD National Competition in Frisco, Texas on April 19-21, 2018, taking 6th place in Division I. Earning individual awards for the team were Chiara Affitagato (H) with a SILVER in Music and a BRONZE in Art, Sophia Pionek (S) with a BRONZE in Art, Haley Varo (S) with a GOLD in Interview, and Clara Heathman (V) with BRONZE in Social Science and Art and GOLD in Speech.

In addition to the championship team, each state was allowed to send a Wildcard Team to compete in a Division IV.  The IAD Board decided to send the top scoring team in the opposite size division. This team chose to compete online, so the honor of traveling to Frisco went to Union High School from La Porte City. Although they took no awards, the team had a great time experiencing the National Competition for the first time.

Individuals: Noah Boquet (V) of Grundy Center High School traveled to Nationals in Frisco and earned two medals, a BRONZE in Economics and a SILVER in Math.

2017 National Competition in Madison, Wisconsin

Kevin Darrow and his team from Cedar Rapids Jefferson once again represented Iowa at the national competition.  They competed in Division I, which was much more competitive than Division II during previous years, and placed 6th. Five individual medals were earned by team members:  Mason Koelm (H) earned BRONZE in Interview, Abby Frerick (S) earned BRONZE in Art, Elizabeth Thompson (S) earned GOLD in Essay, Rhett Thompson (V) earned SILVER in Interview, and Chase Hannen (V) earned GOLD in Essay. 

Individuals:  For the first time in Iowa history, four students from Grundy Center/Dike-New Hartford participated as individuals in Division III at the national competition in Madison, Wisconsin.  Tiana Saak (H) earned a BRONZE in Art, Noah Boquet (V) earned a SILVER in Science and a BRONZE in Math.  Also competing were Dylan Hendricks (H) and Eli Harberts (S).  

2016 National Competition in Anchorage, Alaska

Representing Iowa in Anchorage, Alaska, at the United States Academic Decathlon National competition was Cedar Rapids Jefferson, coached by Kevin Darrow. Competing in Division II and boasting an impressive score of 45,144.7 points, they came back to the state with a 3rd place finish! They were 2,000 points behind from earning 1st place from Wisconsin and only a mere 300 points behind Rhode Island. With that strong of a finish, almost every team member walked away with individuals medals. In fact, the team brought home 23 individual medals! The medal winners: Connor Hammons (H) GOLD Interview; Sarah Steinke (H) SILVER Economics, SILVER Music, SILVER Social Science, GOLD Literature; Chase Hannen (S) GOLD Interview, SILVER Essay; Luke Hummell (S) GOLD Speech; Abbigail Frerick (S) BRONZE Music, BRONZE Social Science, SILVER Art; Christian Anton (V) GOLD Economics, BRONZE Social Science, BRONZE Literature; Sienna Belcher (V) BRONZE Interview, BRONZE Speech, BRONZE Essay; and Stephanie Ray (V) BRONZE Mathematics, GOLD Literature, GOLD Speech.

2015 National Competition in Los Angeles, California

Cedar Rapids Jefferson, coached by Kevin Darrow, placed 3rd in Division II with a team score of 42,694.20!!! In addition to that astonishing accomplishment, the team came away with numerous individual awards. Tommy Waltmann received the bronze medal in art and economics. Cora Lassen scored bronze in music and speech. Gina Buelow took gold in interview and bronze in literature. Chase Muenzenmeyer received medals in 7 categories; bronze in literature, music, mathematics, economics, and interview and silver in science and art. There were still enough medals in the varsity level for Logan Thompson to take silver in mathematics and interview and bronze in social science. Outstanding job representing Iowa at the national level!  

2014 National Competition in Honolulu, Hawaii

Cedar Rapids Jefferson, coached by Kevin Darrow, placed 4th in Division II !!!  This is a tremendous accomplishment! Quinn McIlvanie earned the second highest score overall in the varsity division.  He earned second place in the varsity division for art, third place for economics, first place for interview, first place for music.  Hashim Osman earned third place in the scholastic division for economics.  Chase Muenzenmeyer earned first place in social science.  In addition to these awards, the team also earned third place in the Oral Super Quiz!  Way to go, Jefferson!!!!!  :)

South Central Calhoun, coached by John Olson, placed 10th in Division III.  They didn't earn any medals or place in the Oral Super Quiz, but their scores were respectable and they had a great time!  :)

2013 National Competition in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cedar Rapids Jefferson placed 17th out of 53 teams at National Academic Decathlon.  No individual medals were earned.  

Cedar Rapids Kennedy placed 33rd out of 53 teams at National Academic Decathlon in Minneapolis.  No individual medals were earned.