College-Ready Writers Program at Prairie Lands Writing Project

January 26 Teaching Argument Writing Cadre Meeting Agenda and Handouts Here.

November 10 Teaching Argument Writing Cadre Meeting Agenda and Handouts Here.

October 13 Teaching Argument Writing Cadre Meeting Agenda and Handouts Here

September 22 Teaching Argument Writing Cadre Meeting Agenda and Handouts Here

National Writing Project's Investing in Innovation: College/Career Ready Writers Program (CRWP)

Twelve National Writing Project sites from ten states — including Prairie Lands Writing Project (PLWP) at Missouri Western State University — are receiving federal grant funds to provide professional development in one, two, or three matched-pair school districts (pairs have similar demographics).

·  2015-2016 Prairie Lands Writing Project works with Osborn, Trenton, and Winston School Districts.

·  2013-2014 and 2014-2015 PLWP works with Braymer Breckenridge, and Hamilton School Districts, providing 90 hours or more of school-based professional development (45+ hours per school year) in which 80-100% of 7-10  grade ELA teachers will participate, and other district teachers, especially content area teachers, grades 7-12, are encouraged to participate.

College/Career-Ready Writers Project Goals

1.       Improve middle and high school teachers’ practice in the teaching of academic writing.

2.       Improve middle and high school student academic achievement.

3.       Increase the number of rural teacher-leaders in participating schools and districts.

4.       Provide high-quality, intensive and sustained professional development to participating districts.

5.       Add to the evidence base regarding impact of Writing Project professional development.

6.       Document and share models of intensive, College/Career Ready professional development.

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