Hi. I'm Haojun. Welcome to my home page~

Here is a brief timeline of me.
  • Currently: I'm a graduate student in UW-Madison now. You can take a visit to my website at CS department of UW-Madison for latest updates about my research.
  • Oct 2010 to June 2014: I worked as a full-time research assistant for Prof. Limsoon Wong and Dr. Guimei Liu.  It is when I started to know more about research. I also finished my part-time master in SOC in the last two years.
  • Aug 2006 to May 2010: That's the period of my undergraduate study at School of Computing (SOC) in National University of Singapore (NUS). It is one of my most important and valuable memories.
  • Before Dec 2005: Grew up and educated in Jiangsu Province of China.
  • The time that I was born: That's a secret ^_^

Last updated: Aug 2014