Welcome to the website of Hyun-Wook Lee’s group (Energy Storage and Electron Microscopy Laboratory) in the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST). We currently focus on better materials for electrochemical energy storage and in situ transmission electron microscopy studies on battery electrodes.

<Group photo 2018>

Looking for Graduate Students and Postdocs

We are always looking for highly motivated graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Experiences in transmission electron microscopy, energy storage, material synthesis, and/or device fabrication are preferred but not necessary. Applicants interested in postdoctoral positions are encouraged to contact Hyun-Wook Lee.

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- Prof. Hyun-Wook Lee (이현욱)
- Address: 50 UNIST-gil, EB2(104) Rm. 701-1, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, South Korea, 44919
- Email: hyunwooklee AT unist.ac.kr
- Phone: +82 (052) 217-2593
- Yi Cui group webpage at Stanford University