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Eventhing is in stock and ready to ship, no back orders. 

If ordering miltiple items, sucn as a dipole with a balun installed or two antennas,
 please call or email us for an adjusted shipping rate.
Print this page , fill out the needed information and send to:
Hy-Power Antenna Company
 2028 Riverside Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Phone: 610-317-9779
If you have any question, please email us at:

We ship Priority Mail to all of the US states.

PA Residents, PLEASE READ !

Shipping charges are taxable. Make sure you add the items purchased 

and shipping charges together before calculating the PA sales tax.

Only PA residents pay PA sales tax.


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Item model number:________________________ Price: _________________

Item model number:________________________ Price: _________________

If you order a balun and want the balun installed on the antenna, please check here_______

PA sales tax where apply: ( 6% ) ________________

PA Philadelphia and Allegheny

Sales tax where apply ( 7% ) : _________________

Shipping and Handling: ________________ ( S/H charges are taxable for PA residents.) 

Total: ________________

Sorry, no COD or charge cards.

Do not include sales tax if you live outside of Pennsylvania.