Flickerings in the Grotto of Duality

Senior exhibition by Jennifer Karinn Krenek and Duncan Alexander

December 3—12, 2009

 The investigation of duality in art ties the artworks of Duncan Alexander and Jennifer Krenek together.
Krenek’s paintings of glass, textiles, and organic forms examine physical existence within her personal interpretations of Manichean dualism. Alexander’s "projection paintings" explore through superimposition the two planes on which culture exists today—the digital and physical worlds.

You are invited to attend the opening reception in the Fine Arts Gallery at Southwestern University
on December 3 from 6-8 PM.

The exhibition will run through December 12, daily from 1 to 5

Jennifer Karinn Krenek, Transcendent Transparency. Oil on panel, 2009.

Duncan Alexander, Landscape Piece. Acrylic on panel and digital projection, 2009.

Jennifer Karinn Krenek, Study of a Landscape in Reflection. Oil on canvas, 2008.

Duncan Alexander, GIF Piece. Acrylic on canvas and digital projection, 2009.
To see more of Alexander's work, please visit hypothete.blogspot.com.

For more information about the senior exhibition, call 512-863-1379.

Southwestern University Fine Arts Gallery