The Hypno Gastric Band (Gastric Band Hypnosis) and weight loss hypnosis course using Hypnotherapy Hypnoanalysis and Hypnosis is available in the Colchester Essex and Ipswich Suffolk area - the HypnoGastricBand© - delivered by experienced ex Harley Street Hypnoptherapist Graham Howes was developed by Juliet Hollingsworth and Sue Smith - and is a revolutionary new concept engulfing the weight loss world - Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis. 

The Hypno Gastric Band is available in as many flavours as the Gastric Band, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve Tummy Tuck - such as Mind Band, Hypno Band and so on. I offer the tried and tested Hypno Gastric Band system - the four part course I have now been offering for two years.

This is available in the Colchester Essex and Ipswich Suffolk area at Manningtree Essex CO11  and Hadleigh Suffolk IP7 and Ipswich IP4 and at The Old Road Clinic 115 Old Road Frinton on Sea Essex CO13 9BX

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WEIGHT LOSS Hypnosis - lose weight without "yo yo dieting" in Colchester Essex and Ipswich Suffolk area:

I am now offering the Hypno Gastric Band weight loss hypnosis course in Essex and Suffolk - for a very limited time - at a special price of four sessions for £250.

A real gastric band would cost you £7,000 plus and has known drawbacks and risks. The HypnoGastricBand is risk free.

As you may have seen in the media some people have lost dramatic amounts of weight using this approach.

The four part course throughly explores all the reasons why you might overeat and deals with each of them enabling you to gain control of your life and your weight - best of all "diets and dieting" will be a thing of the past. I will show you how to alter what you eat for a life - long weight loss - the rest is down to you! Slimming will become a thing of the past.

Call Graham Howes ASHPH NHR GQHP GHR registered GHSC regulated CNHC approved Hypnotherapist Colchester and Ipswich on 01206 391050

for this limited special offer on Gastric Band weight loss hypnosis: £260 for 4 sessions with a fifth in reserve.

Usual Price £295.


Phone: 01206 391050



What is the Hypno Gastric Band - virtual gastric band hypnotherapy?

The HypnoGastricBand© developed by Juliet Hollingsworth and Sue Smith is a revolutionary new concept engulfing the weight loss world:

They have devised a brand new, exciting step by step process that will bring you the weight loss you so desire at much les cost and risk as lap band gastric band surgery. Our mind gastric band can give you the same results as a real gastric band but last forever.

The only thing you have to lose is weight! The risks are negligible unlike the real gastric band operation

In reality the gastric band is an adjustable band also known as a Lap-Band, that is placed around the top portion of the stomach, via keyhole surgery, in order to treat obesity. The gastric band is however not an easy option for obesity sufferers due to the surgery involved, it is a drastic step, and carries the usual pain and risks of any major surgical operation in this area of the body. With the HypnoGastricBand© system you can have the same results but without the risks & high cost of over £7,000.

Step 1: At your first session we will give you a free 30 minute initial consultation. This is to ensure we have all the important details we need and that you are 100% happy with your course of action. We will then begin with the first step which will involve some work in hypnosis to release any negative emotion and build your morale and confidence so you are set to begin the new chapter of your life. This is the time to get excited! You will also get some nutritional advice to get you enjoying great food without yo yo dieting - putting you in touch with eating well and not eating too much!

Step 2: Because we believe weight problems are psychological this session will focus solely on you to remove any negative emotion that you may be repressing. This is something that will enable you to maintain your weight loss forever. We believe this step to be hugely important in weight loss therapy and is why our process is so much more successful in the long term than others. If it is felt that more sessions are needed here before we can continue then we will discuss this with you and make suitable arrangements for this.

Step 3: Your 'consultation' at the clinic and further work using hypnoanalysis on the "why?" of overeating. We will then take you to meet the 'surgeon' and include lots of positive suggestion.

Step 4: The 'surgery' itself

Step 5: Although not necessary for all some people may find they want an adjustment on their band or further reinforcement this could be done at any time in the future and is available to all that desire it. Or maybe you will just want your band removed as you no longer need it!

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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy as Effective as Surgery for the Obese

Apr 17, 2010 by Grace Joubarne

The European hypnotherapy technique "gastric band fitting" successfully facilitates weight loss in the obese without the cost and side effects of surgery.

While the basic concept of using hypnotic techniques to reduce the size of the stomach has been around for many years, hypnotherapists Marion and Martin Shirran, of the Elite Clinics in Spain, formally developed and trademarked their technique after an obese client quipped “If only a person could be hypnotized to believe they had a gastric band…” Now, this virtual procedure is gaining favour around the world under several trademarks (Ed: including HypnoGastricBand.)

Dangers of Actual Gastric Band Surgery

A surgically implanted gastric band is usually reserved for those classified as "obese" and who demonstrate a body mass index (BMI) over 30. It reduces the size of the stomach, thus the patient feels fuller after eating smaller portions of food.

The surgery has several significant drawbacks:

    * The surgery is expensive; hospitalization is required;

    * Gastric band surgery is considered a "last gasp" option because of fatalities;

    * There is a possibility of complications and side effects of prescribed drugs during recovery.

Why Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Works

Researchers and scientists all over the world have conceded that the "mind/body connection" holds the key to wellness, achievement and personal development. The technique of using the subconscious mind to imagine a gastric band around the neck of the stomach as a "reality" has been showing great results (Maclean, 2010, Bruce, 2010). Certainly it is entirely safe, very cost-effective and has none of the side-effects and dangers of surgical gastric band fitting.

Standard weight management hypnotherapy involves hypnosis, direct suggestion and dietary changes. Gastric band hypnotherapy adds the imagination of the actual surgical procedures, including later "adjustments" to the virtual "band" tightness. As well, the mind is convinced the stomach has become smaller and thus clients feel full more quickly. By eating less and adhering to a healthy lifestyle, weight dissolves permanently.

How Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Works

Essentially gastric band hypnotherapy treatment has evolved to combine cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, guided imagery and nutritional counselling, with variations in methodology from practitioner to practitioner. The procedure of gastric band surgery is explained to the client during an in-depth and detailed intake session and before the client is hypnotized. Typically the emotional root-cause of the over-eating issue is dissolved using standard hypnotherapeutic techniques, including regression.

Typically, clients are hypnotized over four to five sessions and eventually guided to imagine, in detail, that they are having gastric band surgery:

   1. Over the first three to four sessions, depending upon the client’s readiness and the practitioner’s preferences, the client is guided to imagine the overall preparation and procedures involved in the placement or      fitting of a band around the upper part of their stomach.
   2. At the fourth to fifth session, the client imagines that the band is actually “fitted” into place at the upper part of their stomach.
   3. Positive and direct suggestions are given for weight loss, meal portion and quality of diet throughout the hypnotherapy process; the client is assisted to develop a new and more productive relationship with food.
   4. The client is typically asked to listen to a reinforcement CD regularly until the desired weight and diet control is permanently achieved.
   5. After 28-30 days the client is hypnotized and guided to imagine the band being "adjusted" and reinforcement for positive dietary and exercise changes is also repeated.
   6. Dietary and lifestyle changes are also "suggested" in hypnosis and reinforcement CDs are utilized for continuing support as indicated.

Some practitioners such as Jagi Egnell in British Columbia, Canada, (and Graham Howes) work with nutritionists to further empower and support their clients, while others actually create the hospital smells to further reinforce, for the subconscious mind, the "reality" of the surgery. Some practitioners orchestrate the entire "surgery" ensuring the client fasts before the "fitting" and have someone pick up the client after the "virtual fitting."

Practitioner Dr Bryan Knight of Montreal points out the importance of doing a detailed interview to ensure the procedure is not used on those with issues such bulimia. Practitioners interviewed for this article have indicated that gastric band hypnotherapy is not indicated for those with thyroid problems, not fully committed or for those who do not have medical clearance.

Thanks to Grace Joubarne for that clear exposition - my approach is very similar to the above.

NB: Additionally a BMI of more than 30 is indicated for Gastric Band Hypnosis - otherwise talk to me about my Weight Loss for good Hypnotherapy a three part weight loss course for £150.

Here is a real Gastric Band operation click on the link below:

Real Gastric Band operation

So: You have a choice you can follow my "Lose weight for good" course with hypnosis addressing all your overeating issues or you can go through weight loss hypnotherapy AND I will "fit" under hypnosis a Hypnotic virtual Gastric Band at the end available at Manningtree CO11 Essex and Hadleigh IP7 Suffolk.

Call Graham Howes Hypnotherapist in Hadleigh Ipswich and Manningtree and Frinton on Sea Clacton near Colchester on 01206 391050

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