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24.03.2008 18:06

Issue #5 published before #4. #4 is still in work, since about a month ago. Don't expect much from #4 - a lot of work won't necesarily result in great quality. Same with #5. Also, it seems that Googlepages went looney and it whacked my auto-links, so most will probably not work. So once you're reading an issue, you might have to reload the main page to switch any other issue. I'll debug it some other time.

11.02.2008 01:43

Issue #3 was published - sadly dedicated to a dear friend. But please take it personally if anything in there hurts your feelings.

08.02.2008 03:32

Pink Floyd Radio Kolosvasarhely up and running. Whenever I'm online, of course.

08.02.2008 01:17

First Issue published. Yay.

08.02.2008 00:29

Started typing this. Work started on the first issue.