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Full Suit: This is what most people envision the definition of a fursuit. Includes a head (price includes moving or static jaw, choice of eye styles), hands, feet, a body suit and a tail. Duct tape dummy is required, in addition to head measurement hand and shoe size. Prices are based on complexity of the character design. Concept art is needed. $1000 and up. 

 Partial Suit:  A lighter version of the full suit, great if you have lower heat tolerance or want to wear clothing with your character. Includes head, hands, tail and feet. Prices are based on complexity of the character design. Concept art is needed. $600 and up.

Heads: Can be realistic or toony, or a blend of the two! Hyena girl specalizes in "follow me" style eyes and moveable jaws. Heads are not built on plastic craft mesh in order to preserve flexibility and  durability that is called for when fursuiting. Price reflects on species and complexity of the design. $350 and up.

Feet Paws: The feet paws can either have furred bottom for indoor use, or more durable bottoms for out door use. 3-Dimensional  latex bottoms are also available.Claws are also available. Price reflects complexity of anticipated design. $75 and up. As pictured below- $140.


Hand Paws: Can have soft leather paw pads, vinyl or more durable and realistic casted latex paw pads. Claw options are also available- I always use resin claws for their long life and durability; different sizes are in stock! $35 and up. 


Tails: Price reflects complexity and materials used. $35 and up.

Body Suits: Prices vary on color and complexity of the pattern. A duct tape dummy MUST be mailed in. Only exception to this is if you live in the California S.F. Bay Area and are available for custom fittings.

Fursuit Name Tags: Now that you have a suit, why not accessorize with a large, round, custom engraved wooden or leather tag to go with your new fursuit! Any font can be used! Double-sided engraving is available.  $15 and up

Wooden Signs and Plaques: An excellent idea for a gift, or as a memoriam. Please email for quotes.



Paypal and money orders are accepted. An initial non-refundable deposit of 30% of the quoted costs is needed to begin heads and fursuit partials. The remaining 70% is due before the month your suit is worked on, it can come in the form of payments or given at once. The work will not begin until final payment is received.  All other fursuit pieces and signs must be paid for upfront after a quote is established. No exceptions. Prices listed do not reflect shipment. International orders can be taken.

 Work begins after the final payment is received by Hyena Girl encase the buyer decides not to commission. This preserves the buyers character, ensuring that the character will not be created and sold to another party by Hyena Girl.

If the buyer wishes to use their own fur, or purchase fur and have it shipped to Hyena Girl, then Hyena Girl will deduct the price of the fur (with in a reasonable amount) off of the estimated cost. Example, if you wish to comission a large, delux pair of hind paws (e.g. the ones that Hyena Girl owns), and provide 2 yards of Montery Mills Seal Fur, Hyena Girl will deduct $30-40 off of the price and send you back the extra fur. If the owner wishes to use $160 a yard fur, Hyena Girl will still deduct the $30-40 dollars off of the estimated cost. You are paying for labor and cost of materials other than fur used other than fur, if you provide your own fur.


Shipping can be either done by UPS or USPS. The choice is decided by the buyer, because the buyer incurs this expense. Hyena Girl prefers USPS Express as it automatically tracks the package, insurance can be purchased at a reasonable fee, and it is far cheaper than UPS. Please inquire  about shipping methods for international orders.


 Once the final quote is established and a deposit of 30% or more is sent (30 % deposit is non-refundable), 2 contracts will be mailed to the buyer. One is sent back to Hyena Girl, the other is kept for the buyer's records. The contract states the remaining balance, when the balance is due by, when the costume will be completed, warranty information, and consequences is terms are not met for both parties.  

If the remaining 70% of the amount quoted and agreed on is not paid by the date stated in the contract the fursuit or fursuit peice (e.g., head and paws) will NOT be constructed. This preserves the character of the buyer. Money may be refunded, but the 30 % down payment will not be.

A 60 day warranty is offered on all fursuit pieces and one year on airbrush touch ups. If a piece breaks, simply ship it back and it will be repaired and shipped back at no charge. If the suit is found to have damage due to improper use, the piece will be returned and the warranty void. 

Hyena Girl requires measurements on heads, and shoe size before work can begin. Duct tape dummies are required for body suits.

The commissioner must be at least 18 years of age.

There also may come a time when Hyena Girl may refuse business due to location, comission type, age, or nature of the customer.