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"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.  "

- Samuel Clemens


Life started out for me on the front floorboard of a Chevy Citation. After that, I received my college education (obtaining a Bachelor's degree in something or other)-  which turned me from cabbage in to cauliflower, at least I looked a little more brainy now.

Above is an image of me recreating the famous Captain Brady's Leap at the jump site of the Cuyahoga River. Is this what you do with a college degree- you decide.

 Thomas Jefferson was right; he was a pretty sharp tack after all. Let the pursuit of happiness be the postulate in your personal declaration of individuality.  A fursuit is an investment; possessing the potential to be the freshly paved road to your happiness.

Philosophical speculations aside, I use the highest quality materials available to render your concept into reality. I am constantly researching and investing in new equipment, supplies, and ventures that can give your fursuit added benefits at no additional charge. Toting a long and reputable track of working closely with the client to make sure what services and artistic style I have to offer is exactly what they are looking for within their budget.