Institutions, Development, and Gender
Is China’s Pollution the Culprit for the Choking of South Korea? Evidence from the Asian Dust (with Ruixue Jia)

The African Slave Trade and the Curious Case of General Polygyny (with Lena Edlund)

Together or Separate: Disentangling the Effects of Single-Sex Schooling from the Effects of Single-Sex Schools (with Do Won Kwak)

Lingua Franca: The Role of English in International Trade (with Asaf Zussman), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 75 (2), August 2010

Fairness, Inequality, and Efficiency
Fair Trade in the Fields of Florida: The Impact of the Penny-Per-Pound on Tomato Pickers

Procedural Fairness and the Tolerance for Income Inequality (with Tim Salmon), European Economic Review, Vol. 64, November 2013

International Migration
Labor Migration as Price Arbitrage: Evidence from Mexican Workers in the US

Migration and Remittances: An Approach with Endogenous Exchange Rates and the Possibility of Multiple Equilibria

Hyejin Ku,
Apr 29, 2014, 6:10 AM