I grew up in Culver City surfing and skateboarding since I was about 7. My JR high years were when I had the best time skating I had 4 friends with backyard half pipes in Venice and Culver City. 

 My daily routine was strapping my board to my bike and hittin Venice to skate the ramps. We all sat back and watched in awe when the ramps were sessioned by Christian Hosoi, Eric Dressen and so many more. Skateboarding back then was all about backyard ramps and local ditches for us. We would occassionally skate the Pipeline park in Upland but it was really hard to get rides out there. The skatepark scene back then was nothing like today. There were very few skateparks (2 that were in driving range from where I lived) and the skateparks were all about bowls and ditches. No street obstacles at all. When I was about 15 years old the Pipeline skatepark closed due to law suits. Soon after I saw the backyard ramps leaving the scene as well. I wasn't too into street skating back then so skateboarding kinda faded for me.

I was really into surfing and spent a number of years having a great time doing that.  I even had a couple of friends that shaped boards and at the time they were better than any other board to me.  They had meaning.  I felt that I was a part of a local underground surf co.  To this day I still have my Storms Eye custom built surfboard hanging on my wall and still surf! It wasn't until I moved to Santa Clarita in 1998 that I took up skateboarding again at age 25.  I was fortunate that SCV was just opening a skatepark. I went there on the second day after it opened and was amazed at how small and tight the bowls were and wondered how do you skate those tiny craters haha. I skated that little park a good 5-6 days a week. Skateboarding came back very natural since I pretty much grew up on a board. 

 I started Hydro Skateboards in 1999 to fulfill a dream of mine to have my own board company and share my passion with young skateboarders. I did whatever I could if it involved skateboarding. I volunteered for years as a jr skate instructor at the skatepark and also did private lessons and birthday parties at the skatepark. When I wasn't skating I also built ramps for private parties, The Sanctuary church and even had a full street course that was used for demos for Val Surf, Jezmoz and a CASL comp in Ventura at the Surf Rodeo. 
Over the years I have also provided sponsorships for numbers of skaters in Santa Clarita. Our team came out with 2 dvd's one of which premiered at Active Valencia. In 2007 I was a part of the design meetings for the new skatepark. The lead designer liked my ideas about having brick features in the park. Needless to say I am stoked to see the results and they are some of my favorite parts of the new park.  Check out the Site Design article here.

In 2008 Dan B, Mike Franklin and myself organized skateboarders in Santa Clarita to get our voice heard by council members to save the original skatepark until the new skatepark was built. The council worked with us and minimized the downtime from 9 months to 4 months. I am now a volunteer on the skatepark commitee and I work closely with the city to help communicate City Management skatepark issues with the skateboarders. Check out a blast from the past on the Skatepark Myspace that me and Dan B ranSanta Clarita Skatepark Myspace
I skate a good 5 days a week and I am more determined than ever. Determined to keep progressing at the sport I love and to share my passion with other skateboarders. When I skate, the world stops for me. I am on my magic carpet, living in the moment! Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me. See you at the Sk8park!

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An interview by John Schulz

Mike Riederer

Age: 41 

Years skateboarding: 20 Collectively

Stance:  Regular 

Current set up:

8.0" Hydro deck, Indy 139's, Bones medium bushings, 54 mm Bones stf's and Swiss Bones bearings 

How did Hydro Skateboards come about?

I started Hydro because I loved skateboarding and I wanted to connect myself to it more than just being out there riding a skateboard. I wanted to create a local skate company that was really involved with the local skaters in the community. A company that was made up of local skaters that share the same passion and help push eachother to their fullest potential. 

How did you get the name "Hydro Mike"?

One of the kids in my neighborhood just started calling me Hydro Mike. Next thing you know everyone was calling me by that name....haha I guess there are a million Mike's but only one "Hydro Mike" so yeah I claimed it!! Thanks to Chris Cardenas 

Favorite Tricks: 

Frontside flips on transitions, Miller flips on spines, 360 flips on everything! 

How do you come up with your board graphics and the infamous Hydro logo?

I pretty much just sit at the computer and drink a lot of coffee, start playing with ideas and one thing leads to the next. It can be really fun but at the same very frustrating getting exactly what you want. The Hydro Logo just fell in to place real easy. I wanted to create a logo that you wouldn't have to read you just see it and bam you know its Hydro! 

What is something most people don't know about you?

When I was 20 I sold my car and rode my bike everywhere. I had access to a car and all but I really just enjoyed riding around everywhere. I found my bike in an alley in Culver City missing a front wheel and it only had 2 gears that actually worked. I bought a new wheel and went everywhere on that thing. An easy thing to do in the city. I even entered the La Marathon Bike Tour with that same bike and did 26 miles in 1 hour 12 minutes. Cargo shorts, hoodie and my walkman blasting Led Zeppelin. I totally didn't fit in but thats what made it cool to me. 

What do you like about skateboarding and why?
I like getting on my board and just living in the moment. When I skate, time seems to stop and a sense of complete focus takes over. I also enjoy being a part of the progression of skateboarding. When I'm at the skatepark I get so inspired by everyone moving forward, learning new tricks. Skateboarding really is an art and everyone paints their own picture! 

Top 5 songs to skate to:
Anything Grateful Dead
Master of Puppets/Metallica 
Time/Pink Floyd 
Paint it Black/Rolling Stones 
Stuck in the Middle with you/Stealers Wheel 

Favorite skatepark? (besides SCV)

Duarte for sure! I've been to a ton of skateparks but for some reason I just always have fun skating at Duarte. Good vibes from all the locals and the park is set up to flow plus the spine is so nice. I def am in my own world skating at Duarte! 

Transworld or Thrasher? 

I love looking at all the skate mags. I hardly ever read the articles but yeah I guess I'm down with the Thrasher vibe. I grew up on Thrasher in the 80's 

What is one of your best memories skateboarding?

A couple years ago when we rolled up to the Oxnard wall and found that it was completely redone with added tranny and super smooth cement. The numbers of tricks that could be done was unlimited. It was a kinda rainy day and the whole Hydro team was out there just having fun with our new found spot. 

What are some of your former sponsors?

Grind King, PTS Shoes, Jezmoz, Red Head Clothing, Pep Wheels, Anthem, Active 

What keeps you going and progressing at the rate you do?

I just wake up and think "alright, what can I do today"? I try to make it my mission to learn a trick a day. Trick lists are very helpful. I have a constant burning desire to push my limits and create new lines. I guess I'm pretty much obsessed with skateboarding. It's easy to excel when you are passionate about what you do. Fortunately I have a very supportive wife and family that understands and supports me 100%. 

Last words?

 Keep pressing forward and make your goals become a reality!