SCV Local Skatepark Clips

 "Hydro Mike's Picks" featuring clips/edits from 
locals at the Santa Clarita Skatepark

Robert Marshall is one of my favorite people to ride with. Always a part of 
Hydro and like a brother to me. Robert has style for days and kills it in
this vid filmed by Am Skater (who is now pro for Revive Skateboards, Doug Des Autels

In this clip Jerry Neumann skates everything from transition to technical street. 
 Jerry is easily one of the top skaters in the SCV.  Really creative and always 
keeps it original.  Jerry is a former student  and was team rider for Hydro.

David Tofighi is a local fixture out at the SC Park. Original style and 
great all around person to see out at the park.

This clip is a montage featuring Mike Franklin, Tjaden Brewer, 
DJ Gregory and Hydro Mike doing a rare ho ho plant in the bowl.  
Filmed by Chad Duff from Blue Ball Bearings.

Skateboarders from Long Beach to Santa Clarita came out for a skate jam memorial 
for local skateboarder, Albert Castro. What an amazing turn out and thanks to 
Sean X Kelly for putting this video together.  Shred in Paradise Albert Castro!

Otoniel Castaneda aka "Oton" put together this montage featuring too 
many locals to mention but check out Oton kill it in this video. He has 
a unique style and keeps it original. Big supporter of Hydro.

Dylan Sullivan skates everything. He is a former student along with 3 of his 
brothers. I taught him for a while when he was about 5 and more recently when 
he was 10. Dylan has a great attitude and dominates in the contests for street 
and half pipe. Dylans brother Tyler films and edits Dylans videos.

In this clip Tyler Pacheco aka "Manchild" skates the scv park plus a 
special tribute to Dan Bernardino who is down  but not out. Tyler is a former 
student and was team rider for Hydro. One of my favorite young  riders out 
at the park always original and has amazing skills.

Skatepark construction and a little history of the park and how it all came together.

Dan Bernardino at the OG SCV Skatepark with a killer line.
Shred in paradise brother!
1978 - 2015