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Traditional Hydrotherapy

Great news: as of September 2010 the full Traditional Hydrotherapy website is now up and I have completed everything in the todo list below.

The hydrotherapy treatment of many diseases and conditions with extensive linkage. The information was taken mainly from books by Drs John Harvey Kellogg and George Knapp Abbott. It is meant to be used by professionals or people trained in hydrotherapy as there is little explanation of the techniques.

Information is arranged in cards, extensively linked.

 Physiological and medical terms are brought over from the texts, most of which were written in the first half of last century, so some terms will appear antiquated.

Download      TraHydro.zip  549 Kb    Version 3.1, April 30 2009

The Program:

was written in PC Write under DOS from 1988 to 2001. "Traditional Hydrotherapy" was compiled with a DOS shareware program, HyperHelper from Azarona Software, a fairly basic program designed for online help files.

Install "Traditional Hydrotherapy":

Unzip to a directory called Hydro.
You need to run it from the DOS prompt. I haven't tested it under Windows but it runs well in DosBox under Linux, so I guess there is a DOS emulator under OS-X.

Starting "Traditional Hydrotherapy"

In DOS change directory to Hydro and type:

Closing "Traditional Hydrotherapy"

Press <Esc>


  1. Ugly as... not very presentable.
  2. Runs in DOS... not portable or easy to use.
  3. Doesn't link globally across modules (I had to divide the program up to keep it under the card number limit.)
  4. Duplication of card titles but not content, in the different modules.
  5. Broken links - mainly due to typos

To Do:

Convert to HTML (fixing bugs 1 and 2)  by:
  1. Make each card, by title into a separate file (at present each module's source is a single text file)
  2. Find duplicate filenames (title) and concatenate into a single file, deleting redundant files -  fixes bug 4.
  3. Find all links and convert to HTML links to the correct files - fixes bug 3.
    • Mark all broken links
  4. Search for marked broken links and fix - fixes bug 5.
  5. Convert all lists to HTML lists
  6. Convert other HyperHelper markup to HTML markup
  7. Add HTML head, div etc. to each file (after working out the CSS)
The modules that need combining are Hydro, John, Harvey and George. Each would have many cards duplicated in one or more of the others.


I run Linux (Vector Linux 6.0 STD Gold) so have 2 extremely powerful tools
  • Bash scripts
  • Vim and it's macros and :%s /new /old/ etc
With these tools, an experienced IT professional could complete the whole To Do List before lunch... Unfortunately I am not such a person so it will probably take another 10 years.

If you are experienced with either, or both of the tools,  I would like suggestions on how to go about this process.

Below is an example of the source text files, illustrating Hyperhelper markup. This is from the "Problems" section of  "John" (Kellogg)


#card @Visceral_Congestion
Typhus Fever - 2
Cholera - Hot_Blanket Pack then vigorous Cold_Mitten Friction
            or Cold_Towel Rub
Plague - 2
Valvular heart Disease

Treatment Method:
- Cool Abdominal_Compress removed every 2 hours for 15 min of
   Fomentations to Abdomen as hot as can be borne
- Electric Light Bath 10-20 min or Sweating Pack 1-2 hours or
   Vapor_Bath 6-15 min  followed by Wet_Sheet_Rub or Cold_Douche
- Hot_Tub Bath at bedtime 6-10 min followed by prolonged
   Neutral_Tub Bath 20-40 min
- Hot_Hip & Leg_Pack followed by Cold_Towel Rub 1-2x a day
- Hot_Blanket Pack 30 min, followed by sweating Wet_Sheet_Pack
   1-2 hours 3x a day & ...
  - prolonged Neutral_Tub Bath 1-2x a day.
#ends of congestion
#section Fevers
#card @Fevers
Retention Fever
Production Fever
Septic Fever
Thermic Fever
#card !!@Retention Fever!
Fever with either normal or diminished Heat Elimination
Seen as cyanosis, chilliness & shivering.
Gout - Hot_Blanket Pack then Neutral_Tub Bath
Scarlet Fever
Tonsilitis - 2
Diphtheria - 2
Lobar Pneumonia
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Dengue Fever - 2 & Cooling_Pack & copious enema 2x a day
Tuberculosis - neutral Wet_Sheet_Pack + resting in horizontal
                until temp becomes normal in evening
Hepatitis - sweating Wet_Sheet_Pack then Neutral_Tub Bath

Treatment Method:
- Bed Rest
- copious Water_Drinking
- prolonged Neutral_Tub Bath 31-33øC 30-60 min daily or
- neutral Wet_Sheet_Pack 15-20 min
- Fomentations to Spine, over irritated organ or to abdomen
   then or with simultaneous Cold_Enema or Cooling_Pack
- Hot_Blanket Pack, 10 min followed by cold Half_Pack or
   Graduated_Tub Bath or prolonged Tepid_Tub Bath
- H&C_Tub Bath
- hot Evaporating_Sheet , hot Sponge
- Vapor_Bath or Electric Light Bath

All the above followed by Tonic Cold esp:
 Cold_Mitten Friction, Cold_Towel Rub, Dry_Friction
or simultaneous Local Antiphlogistics as needed
  - Cold_Enema , Cephalic_Compress
- Hot_Blanket Pack then sweating Wet_Sheet_Pack
- prolonged Neutral_Tub Bath when rectal temp rises above 38.5øC
- Hot_Enema followed by Cold_Towel Rub or Cold_Mitten Friction
#card !!@Production Fever!
Remittent Malaria - esp Cooling_Pack
Scarlet Fever
Typhus Fever

Treatment Method:
- Cooling_Pack or Graduated_Tub Bath or prolonged Tepid_Tub Bath
   31øC or Brand Bath. then
   - Wet_Sheet_Rub in bed or Cold_Towel Rub & Sponge
- Water_Drinking
- Cold_Enema with simultaneous Fomentations if needed
#card @Hyperpyrexia
Body temperature of 40-41øC (104-106øF)
Typhoid_Fever - 2

Treatment Method:
Prevent by:
- hot Sponge then Cooling_Coil or Cephalic_Compress ,
  Cold_Mitten Friction 10-5øC, or Cold_Towel Rub 15-10øC  2-3x
  a day or when body temp. goes above 38.5øC
Treat with:
- Cooling_Coil or Cephalic_Compress & Ice_Collar to stop cerebral
   congestion & coma
- Cold_Mitten Friction 15øC every 2-3 hours until body temp
   reaches 38øC - skin must be reddened so as to prevent
In obstinate cases:
- Graduated_Tub Bath 39-30øC with a Cool Enema

- Cooling_Pack or Graduated_Tub Bath or prolonged Tepid_Tub Bath
   31øC or Brand Bath or Cold_Towel Rub or Cold_Mitten Friction
   or Large Cooling_Compress or Cold_Enema or cooling bath when
   the temp rises to 38.5øC
#card @Puerperal_Fever
See Typhoid_Complications
#card !!@Septic Fever!

Treatment Method:
- Hot_Blanket Pack till sweating, 10-15 min, 2-3x a day, then
   - sweating Wet_Sheet_Pack for several hours then
   - Cold_Towel Rub or Cold_Mitten Friction
- If Temp is very high:
  - prolonged Neutral_Tub Bath 33-35øC
  - Cold_Compress to head & neck.

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