Special case : Haynes Roadster with Ford Sierra rear drums

We propose a very good alternative to the copper pipe extension that has to be done to fit the brake lines usually available on the market.

On the market, rear brake lines for a Ford Sierra with rear drum brakes and brake line kits which are supposed to fit the Haynes Roadster, come come with straight male fittings. But on a Haynes Roadster, the rear upright is too close to the drum wheel cylinder to fit a straight fitting into it.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of other suitable solutions and also because it's what the book explains, Haynes Roadster builders usually add a copper pipe extension, fitted to an extra bracket which has to be welded on the rear upright. It is more work, more welding, more metal, and more fittings than it should be.

Our solution is a brake lines with a male 45° fitting on the drum end. This 45° fitting fits directly into the drum wheel cylinder without any other kind of modifications or addition to the brake line.

Our design for the rear flexible hoses

We have supplied several brake lines for rear drum brakes set-up, with book specs uprights, with a 45° male fitting on the drum end, and it fits very well

As an example, here is a very nice set-up of a Haynes Roadster rear drum set-up, fitted with our brake lines and the 45° male fitting (thank you very much, Ian, for sharing these pictures with us). We can see how the 45° male fitting fits nicely into the drum cylinder without touching the rear upright.


So, by choosing our brake lines, you will avoid all the hassle of welding another bracket on the upright, using a piece of copper pipe, forming the seats, and adding 2 more fittings on each side. The 45° male fitting is a much better alternative and your rear brake lines will be as easy to fit as the front ones.