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Welcome on H4KC

A web site entirely dedicated to design and implementation of

hydraulic systems for kit car builders.

100% stainless steel Brake Lines
 Custom brake hoses
Technical details

We mean by "hydraulic system" all hoses and fittings systems conducting a fluid in a vehicle. These systems mainly concern :

The goal of this web site is on one hand, to provide you with the hydraulic system matching perfectly your specific needs, and on another hand, to collect informations in order to increase the common knowledge and help future builders to design and find the adequate solution.

For now, this web site is many dedicated to brake systems, but in the future, it will also present fuel, oil and cooling systems. In the meantime, if you have a need of one of those systems, do not hesitate to send an email and I'll come back to you with more details and hopefully a quotation.

So, make the pressure raise, and enter our world !