About Hyder Seek

History From Ayres Adventures:

About Hyder Seek

Since 1998, a small group of long-distance motorcycling enthusiasts has met at the end of May or in early June for dinner in Hyder, Alaska. Hyder Seek 2012 will mark the event's 14th, and possibly the second without Ron.

The original event celebrated the culmination of Ron Ayres' 49-state ride (a record that has since been broken). Since then, the Iron Butt Association has instituted a somewhat exclusive "48 States Plus Alaska Award" for riders traveling through all of the 48 contiguous states plus Alaska.

You certainly do not have to do the 49-state ride to attend Hyder Seek! Riders needing an excuse to make their first trip to Alaska, or repeat Hyderseekers who can't get enough of the beautiful scenery on the way to Hyder, are most welcome to register for Hyder Seek 2012.

Hyder Seek 2012 will take place on May 25 & 26. The fee is $ TBA per person.