Located about 25 km. from the heart of Hyderabad city is the picturesque Sanghi Nagar. Seen from several kilometers away is the SanghiTemple complex with its 15 ft. tall sacred Raja Gopuram. The aura of divinity and the verdant slope around the temple complex is panoramic and breathtaking. This beautiful temple complex atop the hillock Paramanand Giri beckons the faithful devotees who seek God's infinite blessings.



As one approaches the road leading to the Paramanand Giri, a huge Maha Dwaram or gateway welcomes the visitors. A little further away, a long flight of steps leads to the entrance of the temple complex. Stone elephant heads form the banisters of the stairway. Standing at the foot of the hillock, one is awestruck to see the three Gopurams towering into the blue sky.

And before ascending to the temple complex on top, one stops by at the shrine of Lord Anjaneya, son of the wind God, who is believed to guide the devotees to the abode of Gods. The red-faced Lord Anjaneya is the embodiment of death to the demons and his very name drives away all evils.