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3. List of possible project ideas

Collaborative typing

With all the cloud computing and collaborative applications on the web, it came to our mind that it would be fun to build an installation using this principle.
The power of this idea, is that its cheap and easy to build. The back end of the installation can be infinitely big with loads of additional options e.g. a spam filter, removing random words or a censorship function replacing words with others. It would be fun to drop tons of wireless Arduino enabled keyboards on a festival terrain and check out what people do with it.


Users have to build real world objects to solve problems in a virtual world, for example, build a bridge with lego so the lemmings can continue. Effect could be achieved with camera and projections.

Teddy’s/gnomes/inanimate love

The idea of love for an inanimate object intrigued us. We got on this track because of the garden gnome idea from PICNIC. The idea consisted of a teddy bear (or anything else that people can carry around and connect with for that matter) that had gps, proximity sensors and accelerometers, wireless communication (gsm?) and a voice, prerecorded or text-to-speech. With this setup the teddy bear could be a story telling guide or the rabid hole in a ARG. He could be calling out for people, and when people pick him up, he could respond to that, and for example ask to be taken somewhere.

Smart wall plugs/light bulbs

A system of devices that sit between wall socket and plugs and light bulb replacements. The light bulb replacement would screw into a normal socket, but would house a micro controller, wireless communication chip and an rgb led. The devices between the wall socket and and plugs would be able to turn the device that’s plugged in on or off, and perhaps read out the status of the device. This system will communicate with a virtual world and would thus provide a new interface for connecting the real world to a virtual one, whilst still be able to use existing devices and infrastructure.

Swarm-able EM pets

Using for example rubber ducks, with some additional hardware we can enable them to go to places with a lot of wireless activity. If at a lake people go and sit somewhere close to the water, the ducks can pickup the wireless GSM/Bluetooth signals and steer in that direction. Additionally to this you can add duck noises for very high wireless activities, thus scaring away people or adding colorful lights for when it is dark. The biggest con to this project is that you have pretty expensive toys freely floating in the water. These toys can easily be stolen or destroyed.

Collective Pen-click

The power of this project will be the expenses of the toy; a pen. Our idea is to track Pen-clicks with either sound (regular pen) or use a slightly adjusted pen with e.g. an IR-identifier signal.
With the collected pen data we can visualize the boredom level or let people vote for something. Another possibility is to just add a great visualization to map the clicks on a screen.
The pen can also be adjusted, by adding leds for a pov-screen or a clicks-per-minute-indicator creating a challenge to get click-highscores.


To reduce the stressfactor in an office or school, we thought of a social media enabled "voodoo puppet".
The idea behind it is easy: Type the name of your victim, pull push of hit the doll and the profile picture of your victim will be adjusted accordingly. This can then be posted on their or your wall for future reference.

Connected heartbeats

For very very social people, we came up with the connected heartbeats. A device very simple, detect the heartbeat of user1. Have user1 hooked up to another user, say user2. And then apply the heartbeat of user1 on user2 with a bracelet that applies a little pressure each beat. (this idea did not really involve the virtual world other than the connection between them)

Marmer sculpting

  • Keyboard shadow/ghosting
  • Office pranking
  • Here a guy uses stories of people that he wrote down in a circular way and with that he created a picture, maybe we could do something like that?
  • For reference and research n-gram
  • A mechanic monkey typing on a typewriter
  • Like typing phonetically (like in japan) making music (do re mi?, tts?) [DR: is this one idea, or three?]
  • Generating sound waves/sines with the frequency you type
  • A top 3 of most types characters
  • Adding an accelerometer: rotate the keyboard to the left to remove all the text, rotate right to paste it back (as anagram?)
  • (Adding an accelerometer:) moving the keyboard over a canvas: turning the pixels on and off with a keyboard, writing on that location, (icons? instead of characters) other nice visual effects? [DR: what do you mean by 'a canvas'? What do you mean that one "writes on the location where the keyboard is moved"?]
Just as the well known pin sculptures we thought out an idea of creating a dual pin sculpture, "transporting" somebodies shape to another sculpture.

1,000,000 monkeys
Robot/somethingelse control
Collect information out typing
sound TTS
Evolutionary treestory
Survival of the fittest
Auto poetry
Collaborative wordcloud, words seek eachother
Heavy word tree
Flocking random letters combine typed words