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TOK - a tangible interface for storytelling

TOK is a learning platform that mixes the physical and the digital experience enriching and expanding the way children learn. 
At the moment it is shaped as a box, but  we are exploring possibilities to integrate it into a book cover or a notebook. 
The platform consists of an electronic surface that identifies cards placed on it. The cards represent story elements like 
characters, settings and actions, or mathematical concepts such as numbers and operators. This surface is connected to a 
computer, when the cards are placed onto it,  it animates the stories imagined or assists on solving mathematical problems.  
TOK is being conceived to be used in the classroom or at home as a pedagogical interface with an effective educational value. 
Therefore it is being designed from the start with the intervention of both children and educators.  In our research we are exploring the merging of physical materials, such as cards, conductive ink and paper, with digital technology, creating hybrid experiences, located somewhere in-between drawing, reading a book and playing a computer game.  We believe this creates a truly engaging platform for teachers and students to work with. One of the aspects we are paying particular attention is its feasibility to be integrated within the classroom, and its affordability for schools and students.