The underlying concept of this project is the creation of innovative pedagogic materials that promote experimental, participatory and active involvement from an early age by bringing together the tradition of games and playful activities with the new interactive technological solutions. Our approach is to develop and evaluate a toolbox of Tangible Interfaces using low cost materials, such as paper and cardboard embedded with sensors.

t-words won the 2013 World Technology Award for the Entertainment - held in association with TIME magazine, Fortune magazine, CNN, Technology Review, Science magazine/AAAS, and others. 

Received November 15th, 2013, at the TIME Conference Center in the TIME & LIFE Building in New York City.

Golden Award for best demo at ACE 2012Kathmandu - Nepal, 9th International Conference Advances in Computer
                                                               Entertainment Technology, Cristina Sylla, Sérgio Gonçalves, Pedro Branco, Clara Coutinho.