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Final Letter Grade
Your final letter grade in class is determined by the experience points you accumulate throughout the semester. These points are awarded for completing various assignments and activities which are described in a seperate page. Note that the scale being used is not the standard scale used in the department of biology. The scale showed is being used in response to the number of possible experience points the student has the opportunity to earn during the semester. It is the responsibility of the student to complete assignments that will help them achieve their desired grade. Students failing to do an assignment, or set of assignments, will lose that opportunity for points, and there will be no grace period or reopening of that opportunity.
A+ = 960 points and above
A = 910 points

A- = 890 points

B+ = 870 points

B = 810 points

B- = 790 points

C+ = 770 points

C = 700 points

D = 400 points

F = Below 400 points

This means that a cumulative total of 759 points will be a grade of ‘C’. Total points are not rounded up to the next higher grade level. You will be given many opportunities throughout the semester to earn points. In addition, any questions about the points accumulated prior to the final must be addressed before the time of the Final Exam. There will be no alteration of points after the final exam has been administered.