d. New to the City of Hyattsville?

New to the City of Hyattsville? Welcome, we are glad you are here. Below is a list of stuff that you should know, contacts, and answers to your "who, what, where, when, how" about our beloved City.

First, please note that the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation has put together an excellent "Guide For New Residents" downloadable booklet.  You can access it here:  http://www.hycdc.org/welcomeAlso,visit www.hyattsville.org/welcome to find a wealth of information about all the services, activities, and points of interest that the City of Hyattsville has to offer! You can also pick up a print version at the City Building (4310 Gallatin Street) between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.   There is also a local art finder - http://hycdc.org/public-art/locator!!

Here are some quick FAQ's

Q. Is there an "Official" Welcome Guide?

A.  Sure is!  Visit www.hyattsville.org/welcome to find a wealth of information about all the services, activities, and points of interest that the City of Hyattsville has to offer! You can also pick up a print version at the City Building (4310 Gallatin Street) between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Q. When is Garbage Pickup? Recycling? Bulk Trash?
A. Click on this link - City of Hyattsville Public Works - This page pretty much tells you everything you need to know. For recycling, you can mix most items (metal, glass, #1 to #7 plastics, etc.) into one bin as it is separated at therecycling center. P.G. County prefers if residents would bundle their paper items. Lastly, bulk trash is on Wednesday and you should call DPW first at 301-985-5032.  Check out this quiz site on what is and is not recyclable.

Q. Who do I contact with problems?
A. The City of Hyattsville has five Wards, each with two Councilmembers. Click here to find your Councilmember.Click here to see a Ward map. The City of Hyattsville recently annexed a fairly large area, which will be put in one of the Wards until the Wards are redrawn.  However, your first call should be the City who can put you in touch with the correct department.  If stymied from there, that's when you call your Councilperson.

Q. I'm an artist, how can I get involved to show my work?
A. For artists information, we recommend folks visithttp://www.mygatewayarts.org, where organizations like Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance are listed

Q. Is there Code Enforcement?
A. Oh yeah, there's Code Enforcement! Click here to read the basics. You can follow that link to the Code Enforcement home page or just click here.

Q. Where do I go to find a Plumber/Electrician/Helpers/Car Mechanic/etc. recommended by other Citizens?
A. Check out this page of recommended helpers - and add your own!!

Q. How do I get Involved?
A. The City of Hyattsville is a strong, diverse community. Listserves have been started so that neighbors can share interests, thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Here are links to some of them:

  • H.O.P.E. Listserv Hyattsville Organization for a Positive Environment (H.O.P.E.)
  • Hyattsville Preservation Association
  • The Hyattsville Community Development Corporation focuses on many things going on in the City: Economic Development, promoting the Arts, reaching out and building community, assisting small businesses, providing information to anyone and everyone, and more. Check our their website here.
  • City Council Meets every Monday at the City Administration Building. Check out the City of Hyattsville website by clicking here. The "search" function only searches within the website, not the full internet. This is probably the best chance to find what you are looking for.
  • If you have Comcast, tune into Channel 71 to see information about upcoming events AND to view the City Council Meetings.
  • Try walking next door and saying hello to your neighbors.
  • Pick up a copy of the Hyattsville Life & Times, our local ALL VOLUNTEER newspaper HERE.
Q.  What is my voting district?  Who are my representatives?
A.  This is a good website to find as there may be subtle differences based on your Zip code - http://mdelect.net/electedofficials/  . For some reason the page does not show the County Legislative District, which can be found here:  http://mdelect.net/electedofficials/.

Q. What about schools?
A. Click here for some information about public schools. There are several other local Private Schools as well, such as:

Q. Is there a list of important Phone Numbers/Websites I should keep handy?
A. Click here for Phone Numbers. Click here for Websites.

Q. Is there a History of Hyattsville somewhere?
A. As a matter of fact, there is! Click here to view.

Q. I'm Hungry/Thirsty/In Need of a Night Out! Where should I go?
A. The Hyattsville Dining Guide - Available athttp://www.hycdc.org/dining, is print-able and available online.  There is also a page on the Wiki that is updated by the general public. Click here to jump to it.

Q. Where can I sign my kids up for sports and scouting in the neighborhood?
A. St. Jerome's Church runs Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs. Recreational youth sports are offered by numerous local groups.

Q. Where can I get good organic food?
A. On Tuesdays there is the Hyattsville Farmers Market. Thursdays is the Riverdale Park Farmers Market. Check out the Farmers Market page to see other in the area. You can also go to Glut in Mt. Rainier, Yes! Market in Hyattsville as well as My Organic Market.

Q. Is there a local Library?
A. Hyattsville Public Library
The Hyattsville branch of the Prince George's County Memorial Library System. This site has an online catalog with an excellent selection of books and movies. We are getting a new library and construction is going on.  The temporary library can be found at University Town Center (UTC) near the Hyattsville Royale theaters.

Q. How about a Post Office?
A. The Hyattsville Post Office (HPO-with cool brass boxes and murals by Eugene Kingman)

Q. Is there a place to catch a movie?
A. Snuggled in among the UTC restaurants and office buildings designed by Edward Durell Stone is the Hyattsville Royale 14 Movie Theatre.  Some like the old time feel of the Greenbelt Movie Theatre as well.

Please post your questions (and answers) here! If you don't have the answer, just put up the question for someone else to answer.