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Do you bike to work? Show your favorite route(s) by using

  • Type in your address then zoom into 
  • Once at your address, click the "start recording" button on the 
  • Simply click on the starting point and then follow your 
    route. This works, as far as I can tell, how the crow flies so if 
    there are major turns you will have to keep clicking. This puts 
    in "legs" which will not really mean anything in this case.
  • Once you reach your desination point, you click the "save" on the left (or something like that).
  • From there, it will give you a URL. Post it here!
The list below shows different location separated by DC/VA/MD at this time. I linked the destination to the HOPE Listserve message describing the ride if there was such message available. The second link starting with "http:" is the actual map. 

To DC Locations:

To MD Locations:

To VA Locations: