About The Workshop

Pervasive and smart technologies have pushed workplace configuration beyond linear logic and physical boundaries. As a result, workers'
experience of and access to technology is increasingly pervasive, and their agency constantly reconfigured. While this in certain areas of work is not new (e.g., technology mediation and decision support in air traffic control), more recent developments in other domains such as healthcare (e.g., Augmented Reality in Computer Aided Surgery) have raised challenging issues for HCI researchers and practitioners. The question now is: how to improve the quality of workers’ experience and outputs?

This workshop focuses on answering this question to support professionals, academia, national labs, and industry engaged in human work analysis and interaction design for the workplace. Conversely, tools, procedures, and professional competences for designing human-centered technologies for pervasive and smart workplaces will be discussed.

Pedro F. Campos, Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute;
Arminda Lopes, Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute and Escola Superior de Tecnologia, Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco;
Torkil Clemmensen, Copenhagen Business School;
Jose Abdelnour-Nocera, University of West London