I am an assistant professor in College of Liberal Studies at Seoul National University and an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical Science at Seoul National University.

My research interests lie in number theory and arithmetic geometry.

Email : my first name at snu.ac.kr or my first name at gmail.com

Brief CV (or Full [CV])

    • BS, Seoul National University, Mathematics, March 2000--February 2004.
    • Military service, ROK army, July 2004--July 2006.
    • Ph.D, University of California, Berkeley, Mathematics, August 2007--May 2013.
    • Research associate, University of Luxembourg, October 2013--July 2015.
    • Research fellow, Center for Geometry and Physics, IBS, August 2015--August 2018.
    • Assistant Professor, Seoul National University, September 2018--now.