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H V Kumar at Kibithu

the easternmost town in India, in Arunachal Pradesh, on the China border

Apr 25, 2009

I holidayed in my Scorpio 21-days starting on Apr 9 night till Apr 30 morning, to the North East.
This long drive covered 11,650 kms across 12 States and 1 foreign country.
The States were MH, CG, OR, WB, BR, SK, AS, AR, UP, MP, RJ, GJ, and the foreign country was Bhutan.
First Phase:
Bombay to Sikkhim & Bhutan - this one was 4,800 kms, between Apr 9-20
Covered Gangtok, West Sikkhim and Bhutan
Not only went to Bhutan capital Thimphu, but went across the country to Central and East Bhutan
Second Phase:
Arunachal Pradesh - this one was 1,600 kms, between Apr 21-25
Covered East Arunachal hugging the China border - Itanagar, Ziro, Daparigo, Along, Pasighat & Kibithu
Third Phase:
East to West Drive - this was the finale, 4,100 kms, between Apr 25-29.
I drove from the easternmost town in India - Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh, which sees the first sunrise (415 am) - to the westernmost town in India - Koteshwar, Kutch, Gujarat, which sees the last sunset in India (sunrise at 645 am), across some of the loveliest and dirtiest regions of India.
Fourth Phase:
Back to Bombay - from Koteshwar - 1,150 kms, reaching back in Bombay via Ahmedabad on Apr 30
The First Phase had my family also - they flew back from Guwahati.
The Second Phase had my friend, who also flew back from Guwahati, 1 week after my family.
For most of the East-West drive, I was alone.

- Onward journey from Bombay to Sikkhim of around 3,000 kms was in 2 days flat, which meant driving through 2 nights, first Bombay-Sambalpur (Orissa, 1450 kms), and 
second being Sambalpur-Gangtok (Sikkhim, another 1,450 kms).

West-East Bhutan is one of the most gorgeous Himalayan regions

- Did not see sun for almost 15 days, since it was close to sub-zeros in Bhutan, raining in Arunachal

- I drove non-stop 2,100 kms from Dibrugarh (Easternmost Assam) to Kanpur (UP) 
in 40 hours in 2 days and 1 night

- Took the worst parts of Bihar at night, cops confiscated my car for election duty, but escaped them,
another set of cops extorted money to let me go.

- The Sunrise 2 Sunset Drive from Kibithu to Koteshwar was done in 4 days 
(Kibithu-Apr 25,900 am)(Koteshwar-Apr 29,1115 am)


I have shot 4 hours of video
My windscreen car camera shot the entire 21 days drive
 There are over 2,000 photos, I will add the link to my friend's album below:

I have no photos of the East-West Drive, since I was solo at that time and I suppose to do one thing at a time - drive or shoot - and I preferred the former!
My friend has written his travelogue -  here is the link to that too: