Heating Worksheet

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Recent Modifications To Heating Worksheet Version 1.2
  • Added electrical connections check good/poor
  • Added space on Air Filter to accomodate a note such as filter model# or filter type
  • Under Thermostat added Mercury yes/no
  • Changed INITIAL TEST and RE-TEST to vertical layout in lieu of horizontal layout to help with documentation flow, also labeled appliance columns as Furnace and Water Heater
  • Removed all NA items pertaining to water heaters such (i.e. Thermostat Amps, Blower Amps, Blower On Temp, etc) - used the additional space for the next 2 items
  • Added section pertaining to Water Heater Burners, Heat Exhangers, Soot
  • Added section pertaining to Furnace Accessories Humidifiers, Electric Air Cleaner, UV Light
  • Added Gas Cooktop/Oven section for carbon monoxide readings
Currently In Progress
  • Description of each item on the Heating Worksheet
  • Logic of each item on the Heating Worksheet