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Fall 2011

ENC 1101-English Composition (A)
MAC 2233- Business Calculus (A+)
CGS 2100-Computers in Business (A+)
GEB 2935-Professional Development (A+)
GEB 4935-Speaker Series (A-)
HUM 1020-The Arts (A+)
SLS 1101-University Experience (A)

Spring 2012

ECO 2013-Macro Economics (A+)
ENC 1102-English Composition (A)
GEB 2935-Professional Development (A)
IDH 2010- Acquisition of Knowledge (A)
IDH 4200-Geographical Perspective Honors (A)
SLS 1101- The University Experience (A+)
SPC 2608- Public Speaking (A)

Summer 2012

ART 4930- Photographing Florence (A)
GEB 2935- Art of Italian Family Business (A)
ISM 4382- Global Information Systems (A)

Fall 2012

ACG 2021- Principles of Financial Accounting (A)
ECO 2023- Principles of Micro Economics (A+)
GEB 4935- Honors Research Methods (A)
IDH 3350- Natural Sciences Honors: Science in a Day of a Life (A)
IDH 3350- Natural Sciences Honors: Exercise and Mental Health (A)