Reunion Home

The school reunion was held on 28th April 2012 at the Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside and included a boat trip across to the school.
44 'old boys' attended together with 4 staff and 30 wives/partners. Most people had not met up for 50 years or more making it a very special occasion where the enthusiasm and excitement could be felt and heard all around.
12:00  Meet at the Waterhead Hotel
13:00  Lunch
14:00  Tribute to the Butlers
15:00  Boat trip to Huyton Hill
15:20  School Photograph
15:30  Tour school and grounds
17:00  Return to Waterhead
17:15  Tea and Reunion cake
18:00  Ad hoc evening arrangements
A small article appeared in the Westmorland Gazette education page on 12th April 2012 publicising the reunion, followed by another on 10th May 2012 reporting on our "Class Act"! In a poignant but approriate mistake by the journalist he says "including the brothers and former headmasters Hubert and Gerald Butler."!
Thanks to your generous donations, £250 was collected for UNICEF and this has now been paid (with tax declaration). The letter is available in the file cabinet.
In addition, I have learnt that another secret collection was taken whch resulted in £121.15 being donated to the regional Mountain Rescue organisation.
In his announcement about closing the school in June 1969, Hubert Butler said he intended "to remain at Huyton Hill to maintain a central link for old boys of the school". He achieved this by ensuring that the building kept the name Huyton Hill and was used as holiday flats under the care of his son Ian Butler until 2002. I hope that the reunion has helped to continue the 'central link' that he wanted to maintain.