Summer Revue

Every summer there was a Floodlight Revue for the parents held in the garden at the back of the house.
The bank from the house down to the lawn had a pathway across with semi-circular walled bed and path that made a perfect outdoor stage. Major Butler set up floodlights and a sound system using the 16mm projector, with his control room in a temporary hut that he constructed, it was embedded in a large bush to the right of the stage to hide it. The parents sat on chairs on the lawn facing the school and stage.
The programme consisted of the morning flag raising ceremony, scottish country dancing, short plays, songs, poems, a parade showing the international origins of the pupils, collections for UNICEF, and as a finale the Changing Houses ceremony.
Go to the end of this page to download copies of some of the later programmes from the 1960's.
Summer Revue 1948
Summer Revue 1951
 Summer Revue 1952
Summer Revue 1957
Summer Revue 1957
Summer Revue 1957
In later revues in the 1960's Hubert Butler introduced the revue with a "Grave warning to the Ladyes" in Chaucerian style:
Scottish Country Dance practice 1962                                                        French Play "Le Carton a Chapeau" 1966
Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, 1966                                                             Big Chief Itchy Scatchie and His Warriors, 1966
Favourite Songs 1966
Summer Revue 1968 
The Little Drummer Boy, 1968 
The Dance of the Page Boys, 1969
The Invitations and Programmes can be downloaded here:
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