GRD's 1966 Diary

Letts School Boys Diary 1966

Gordon R. Dyer
Height 4ft 7ins, Weight 5st 8lbs
Age 10-11

Huyton Hill School
Nr. Ambleside

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Spring Term 1966
Fri 14 Jan - Went to Hexham for last minute shopping. Went back to school early. We were second back Roy Stephenson beat us back!
Sat 15 Jan - Had a game of football on rounders lawn. I was goalie the score was 4-2 to us.
Sun 16 Jan - I was cymbaler on changing houses. No church. No barbers.
Mon 17 Jan - Ian Williams birthday. Had a game of football. I was goalie, the score was 0-0.
Tue 18 Jan - Played some games with a football. e.g. tunnel ball and Jockeys and horses. Had a game of football. I was centre forward, the score was 2-0 we lost.
Wed 19 Jan - Went skating on the pond in Wray field. I had to withstand a few falls before I could get going.
Thu 20 Jan - Was on flag. Had a game of football. I was goalkeeper. The score was 2-1 to the team that I was on.It was 34° Farenheight, 2° above zero. I had almost nothing to do just about all the game.
Fri 21 Jan - Was on flag. Went and played Rescue-go-home in roededendrons at school. I was first catcher we caught everybody. Had another game after that.
Sat 22 Jan - Miss Griffiths wedding. Her name is now Mrs. Hains. Went skating for the second half of the afternoon. In the first half I played football with C.L.S. Score 6-1 to us. Saw film "Treasure Island". It was fabulas.
Sun 23 Jan - Was on flag. Was not on changing houses. Barbers and Church. Had General Knowlage Competitsion. Letter writing.
Mon 24 Jan - Played a game of football. I was goalie. The score was 1-0 against us.
Tue 25 Jan - Played football I was goalie N. Adams & F. Leeming were sent off the pitch for fooling around.
Wed 26 Jan - Cut down a load of wood and made a huge bonfire. I used a saw and I cut up a large tree.
Thu 27 Jan - Stayed inside because of the rain. C.L.S. told us a few points about football.
Fri 28 Jan - Played football on back field, I was goalie. The score was 3-0 to us. It was Alfred v. Arthur.
Sat 29 Jan - Stayed in all afternoon because of the rain. Had a game of chess with Roy Stephenson. Went out for 10 minutes when rain stopped.
Sun 30 Jan - No church, no barbers. I was not on changing houses. Letter writing.
Mon 31 Jan - Played football with C.L.S. I was goalie the score was 2-2. We played in Wray field. Points -17.
Tue 01 Feb - Played commandoes the score was 1-1. I attacked both times. We played in Wray field. Points -11.
Wed 02 Feb - 11+ exam cancelled till 2nd March. Cut down two trees with Major Butler. Made a bonfire burnt a lot more roededendrons.
Thu 03 Feb - Played a game of football in the back field. I was right half (for a change). We lost 2-0.
Fri 04 Feb - Indoor occs. Went out for a bit after the rain stopped. Douglas Dick's birthday.
Sat 05 Feb - Film called "One Good Turn". Norman Wisom was in it. T.V. saw The Western.
Sun 06 Feb - Reshowing of the film. No barbers no church. T.V. David Copperfield and Lucy Show.
Mon 07 Feb - Played two games of football. There were 20 of us (counting Mr. Savile). We were split up into 2 teams, the good players and the bad ones. Those two were separated into two teams of 5. The two teams of the better players played together and the same with the others.
Tue 08 Feb - Played commandoes. I was on the winning team. First I attacked then I went and defended, then I attacked again. I did not get the flag.
Wed 09 Feb - Made a bonfire and cut down rohdedendrons. Mr. Newby cut down some trees.
Thu 10 Feb - Played football. The score was 2-0 I was goalie and was also on the winning team. Played on the back field (or cottage field).
Fri 11 Feb - Repaired rugger pitch with Mr. Savile. I drained the corner which was flooded. Lost 2 points for being late for lunch.
Sat 12 Feb - Made bonfire in rohdedendrons. Mr. Newby cut down some trees. We cut them up and took the logs to be cut up.
Sun 13 Feb - Barbers and church. I took Trigger to church. He whined and moaned all through the srvice because Major Butler was not there.
Mon 14 Feb - Football with C.L.S. I was goalie. We played on the rugger pitch. The score was 3-4 to the team I was on.
Tue 15 Feb - Played Horses and Hounds. I was a hare. I twisted my ankle. Philip Heaton got lost. There was a great commosion during lunch. He was brought back by the owner of the Drunken Duck.
Wed 16 Feb - Made a fire with Mr. Newby in the bog, went into bounds afterwards. I played in the Tarzan in the last half.
Thu 17 Feb - Played a game of football with G.H.Osmaston, The score was 1-1. I was goalie for the whole of the game.
Fri 18 Feb - Played Commandoes, the score was 1-1. After the two games we just went off to play in Wray field for the rest of the morning. D.M.L.N. took us.
Sat 19 Feb - Charlie's birthday (my brother - ed.), I went to the 5th table for the party. Charles had a chocolate cake. It was indoor occs for the first half of the afternoon. In the second half we went out ind's and mac's. Watched film "Robin Hood" it is one of the best films I have ever seen. Saw Western on T.V. Clive Anderson found a rabbit with mixamatotus.
Sun 20 Feb - Reshowing of film "Robin Hood". No barbers no church. Stayed in and played cards in the morning. I was not on Changing Houses. Played on Dam Stream in the afternoon.
Mon 21 Feb - Played a game of football. The score was 7-6 to us. It was Arthur v. Alfred.
Tue 22 Feb - Went to Wray rock. Almost as soon as we got there we had to go back because there was so little time.
Wed 23 Feb - Went for a cross-country run in the afternoon. It was killing. I came 6th out of the whole schol with a time of 15 minutes 50 seconds (GHO was timing us). It went right round Wray field and along the road back to school.
Thu 24 Feb - Indoor occs for the morning. I swopped a set of 1cent stamps with Andrew Dickson for 1/6p. I sorted out some stamps aswell and stuck them in.
Fri 25 Feb - Half Term. Went out at 5 O'clock, we saw Tim Ferguson's go-cart. I took Clive Anderson out for half term.
Sat 26 Feb - Went to Chinees restrant for lunch. Had pancakes that night.
Sun 27 Feb - Went back to school in the afternoon.
Mon 28 Feb - Ball tig and played a game with two teams. Each had a stick. They put the sticks into the ground so there was some showing to mark the area. If a player was hit by the ball he was out.
Tue 01 Mar - Went to Wray field. Played on fallen tree. I helped make a dam. Paul Davies fell into the stream.
Wed 02 Mar - 11+ exam. I was tensed up. Went with Major Butler and filled in the drive holes.
Thu 03 Mar - Hares and Hounds. I was a hare. We went up the green hill. I fell and hurt my ankle, I was caught.
Fri 04 Mar - Made a fire in the bog with Mr. Newby. R. Dickson got his boot stuck in the bog. Mr. Newby felled some trees.
Sat 05 Mar - Saw a film called "The Belles of St.Trinians" it was terribly funny.
Sun 06 Mar - Reshowing of "The Belles of St. Trinians". Played on senior dam stream, Alistair Sinclair let me into his dam. I worked for him all afternoon.
Mon 07 Mar - Exams. Went for a run with Mr. Savile. He divided us up into 4 teams and we ran round a course. Our team leader came first and I came 4th.
Tue 08 Mar - Went to green hill with D.M.L.N. I played sardines with DMLN. I also played with my parachute.
Wed 09 Mar - Exams. Cut down some trees and made a bonfire with Mr. Newby. Not at the bog. We pulled some young trees out with a rope.
Thu 10 Mar - Exams. Indoor occs. for the morning. It brightened up at the end of break and we went up the drive and back.
Fri 11 Mar - Went round an old Hares and Hounds trail. It was freezing and I was glad to get back to school.
Sat 12 Mar - Made a bonfire with Mr. Newby by the Maze, we cut down some small trees. We went into bounds for the last 1/2 of the afternoon.
Sun 13 Mar - Barbers and church. Mr. Linsey talked about Mothering Sunday.
Mon 14 Mar - Had a game of footballs with C.L.S. the score was 0-0. I was goalie on the reds side.
Tue 15 Mar - Went with Major Butler down to the lodge and colected a load of wood. Then we made a bonfire and he burned a picture of H.Wilson!
Wed 16 Mar - Played the Junior House Match. I was Alfred's goalie. The score was 5-0 to Arthur.
Thu 17 Mar - Game of football odds v. evens. I was center forward for the evans. Just at the end of the match odds scored, it was 1-0.
Fri 18 Mar - Went to stream and made a waterfall in it. It was a lovely warm day.
Sat 19 Mar - Estate work on cricket pitch. I was collecting stones off it and putting them onto the rubbish heap.
Sun 20 Mar - No barbers no church.
Mon 21 Mar - Soccer with C.L.S. the score was 0-0. Played on the back field.
Tue 22 Mar - Had a game of football it was pick teams. I scored a goal I was center half. The score was 3-0 to us.
Wed 23 Mar - I layed a table in the dining room and was then packing. I was in all afternoon.
Thu 24 Mar - Indoor occs. We had the road safety comp. Arthur won. I answered three questions.
Fri 25 Mar - Had a game of soccer on the Tennis Court. I was centre forward for the first half then I was goalie. It was 6-4 to us.
Sat 26 Mar - Indoor occs. because of a snow storm. I played cards most of the time.
Sun 27 Mar - Went to Wray Church for the last time this term. Senior Concert. I was a Citizen in the "Merchant of Venice". I had nothing to say.
Mon 28 Mar - We tidied up areas and desks. Went into Bounds after we had tidied them.
Tue 29 Mar - End of Term. I was on the Carlisle party (8.10). We travelled back first class. GHO showed us how to calculate the speed of the train by counting the track clicks and timing them with his watch.

Summer Term 1966
Fri 29 Apr - Went back to school UGHH! Got back at 8.15. Had a feast before we got back.
Sat 30 Apr - Digging side of cricket pitch.
Sun 01 May - No church No barbers. Helped Major Butler get a load of cricket gear from the trunk store.
Mon 02 May - Played rounders. I did not score any rounders. The score was 4-0 to the side I was not on. My bike did not come.
Tue 03 May - Did three sports standards. They were Weight, Long Jump and Cricket Ball throw. I passed weight and cricket ball.
Wed 04 May - Indoor occs. We had to go out afterwards. My bike arrived by B.R.S.
Thu 05 May - Indoor occs. Went out afterwards. Swopped some stamps with Peter Fielding.
Fri 06 May - Did prep during break because of rain. Stuck some stamps into my album.
Sat 07 May - Set 6 did woodwork. We did Estate Work on extending the cricket pitch.
Sun 08 May - No barbers. Went to Wray Church. Rode my bike.
Mon 09 May - Went on bike ride with Mr. Butler. We climbed Loughrigg, left our bikes at the bottom of the mountain.
Tue 10 May - Did Estate Work on extending the cricket pitch. I used a wheel-barrow.
Wed 11 May - Indoor occs. had prep in afternoon. Went out in rain afterwards.
Thu 12 May - Did sports standards. I passed weight. It was a very fine day.
Fri 13 May - Did Estate Work on extending the cricket pitch.
Sat 14 May - Did sports standards. I passed 100x, 220x, long jump.
Sun 15 May - Barbers but no Wray church. Went cycling in the afternoon.
Mon 16 May - Bike ride. We went up Latterbarrow. Shepherds Pie for lunch.
Tue 17 May - Indoor occs. Had prep during break. It was fine afterwards so we went out.
Wed 18 May - Did Sports Standards Finals. I came 3rd in putting the weight.
Thu 19 May - Indoor occs. Had prep instead of going out because of the rain.
Fri 20 May - Eclipse of the sun. I saw it four times with a smoked glass. There only appeared to be a small chunk out of the sun.
Sat 21 May - We ran the cross country. I came 9th in the Senior event. 11 mins 21 secs.
Sun 22 May - No Barbers but we had Wray Church. I was a cymbaler on changing houses.
Mon 23 May - Indoor occs. It was a rotten day and nothing to put in the diary.
Tue 24 May - The Union Jack was put up. We extended the cricket pitch with W.H.N.
Wed 25 May - Had to have prep in the afternoon as it was so bad outside.
Thu 26 May - I was practicing for the sports on the running track that night.
Fri 27 May - I had to carry a load of chains to the sports. Did some estate work on tidying up the gardens.
Sat 28 May - Half Term. I was in 440x, 50x dash, obstacle race. Our team came 1st in the obstacle. Went home straight after the sports. I took Clive Anderson out with me.
Sun 29 May - Went to Fudges (Tim Ferguson - Ed) and swam in the Tyne. It was quite cold.
Mon 30 May - Went and swam in Devils Water. I forced Daddy to go in!
Tue 31 May - We got back to school during lunch. Went back with Fudges in one of their company cars.
Wed 01 Jun - Played a game of cricket. It was the 1st school game of the season. I scored 4 points. I was long stop and bowled 4 overs. Our team scored 17. The other team scored 71.
Thu 02 Jun - We did estate work on extending the cricket pitch. I was siving some soil. Then I filled a barrow a few times and it was emptied where the cricket pitch is being extended.
Fri 03 Jun - Practiced fielding, bating, bowling and wicket-keeping with C.L.S. We all had a turn at everything.
Sat 04 Jun - Woodwork, learnt to sharpen a chisel. Indoor occs. for just a part of the afternoon. The other part of the afternoon we filled in pot holes in the drive in the pouring rain.
Sun 05 Jun - No Church, No Barbers. I was on flag in the morning and in the night.
Mon 06 Jun - Bike ride went to Rydal.
Tue 07 Jun - Went to Wray field to the old broken down tree.
Wed 08 Jun - Had a game of cricket.
Thu 09 Jun - Did Estate work on extending the cricket pitch.
Fri 10 Jun - Played a game of cricket. It was Arthur v. Alfred.
Sat 11 Jun - Did Estate work on extending the cricket pitch. Went boating afterwards.
Sun 12 Jun - Barbers & Church.
Mon 13 Jun - C.E. Exam. Bike ride. It was quite good fum.
Tue 14 Jun - C.E. Exam. Did Estate work.
Wed 15 Jun - Had a game of cricket. It was Odds v. Evens. C.E. Exam The game was never finished.
Thu 16 Jun - Did Estate work on extending the cricket pitch. That is just about all we ever do now.
Fri 17 Jun - Made a bonfire on the tennis court with GHO, it was fun.
Sat 18 Jun - Revised for the Summer Revue. I am in 3 things that I definitely know of.
Sun 19 Jun - No Church and No Barbers. Played on the Tarzan most of the time.
Mon 20 Jun - No Bike ride. Did Estate work up on the tennis court fixing up poles to hold the cricket netting.
Tue 21 Jun - Did Estate work on extending the cricket pitch. It was awfull.
Wed 22 Jun - Played a game of cricket Pick teams. Our team lost easily.
Thu 23 Jun - Did Estate work on extending the cricket pitch. It was awfull because of the weather.
Fri 24 Jun - Indoor occs. Practised for the Revue indoors. Made jackets etc for a play I am in.
Sat 25 Jun - Indoor occs because of the weather. Made props for the revue.
Sun 26 Jun - Wray church but no barbers. Played on the Tarzan and dam stream.
Mon 27 Jun - No bike ride. I was practicing for the revue most of the time.
Tue 28 Jun - Did Estate work on extending the cricket pitch. Went swimming afterwards.
Wed 29 Jun - Practiced for the revue indoors because of the rain.
Thu 30 Jun - Summer Revue. I was danceing, French play, Buglers saluatation and I was a cymbalist on changing houses at the end.
Fri 01 Jul - Summer Revue. I was danceing, French play, Buglers saluatation and I was a cymbalist on changing houses at the end.
Sat 02 Jul - Half Term. I went putting for a while. Played cricket and I made my plane work.
Sun 03 Jul - Half Term. Flew my model plane. Played cricket. Went fishing with Mike Penman I even caught one.
Mon 04 Jul - Went fishing but we had no luck this time. Went back to school.
Tue 05 Jul - Played a game of rounders. Our team won 4 1/2 - 0 it was an easy win.
Wed 06 Jul - Exams started today. Our exams were scripture and art. Played cricket, the team I was on lost.
Thu 07 Jul - Did Estate work on extending the cricket pitch with Mr. Newby. Went swimming after.
Fri 08 Jul - Did Estate work during the Geog period. Played the Single Wicket competition. I beat David Dick. I scored 1 he scored 0. He hit his own wickets, I was caught.
Sat 09 Jul - I played Nigel Clark in th single wicket game. I beat him I scored 6. I got him out 1st ball with a full toss. I played on the rounders lawn in the afternoon.
Sun 10 Jul - Barbers and Wray church. I was not on Changing houses because it was too wet for the band.
Mon 11 Jul - Went on a bike ride. I took threee pictures with my camera. We had a swim under a very small waterfall.
Tue 12 Jul - Played rounders. I was on the loosing side. First we had a game of odd v. evans. Then pick teams. We went swimming.
Wed 13 Jul - Practised for the swiming sports. I practised my 10x, 50x, and diving.
Thu 14 Jul - Put up part of the new swimming pool for learners with Major B. We had tremendus difficulty.
Fri 15 Jul - Carried on putting up the swimming pool had a lot of difficulty, we nearly got it finished.
Sat 16 Jul - Did Estate work with "The Beak". We were siving soil.
Sun 17 Jul - I went out to see Worksop school where Charlie is going next term. Went to Worksop (town). I stayed in the Angel Inn for the night.
Mon 18 Jul - Went to the school Worksop. Charles got some of his things for the next term.
Tue 19 Jul - Went to Wray field and played a minature football game. My team won 5-3.
Wed 20 Jul - Played a game of cricket. I scored 4 and was then bowled out.
Thu 21 Jul - Did Estate work. We were siving the soil with the "BEAK".
Fri 22 Jul - Went on bikes to see the duke of Edinburough. I took some photos of him.
Sat 23 Jul - Treasure hunt. We did not manage to get all the clues.
Sun 24 Jul - End of Term for car parties. I went by car.
Mon 25 Jul - End of Term for train parties.

Autumn Term 1966
Thu 22 Sep - Did some last minute shopping before going to school.
Fri 23 Sep - Beginning of term. Got back at 2pm. Went out in rowing boats. We went round the Pull Wyke bay and back.
Sat 24 Sep - Went blackberry picking. Did the General Knowledge Competition. I hope to come higher than normal.
Sun 25 Sep - Barbers and Church. I almost had a crew cut! It was Harvest Festival at church. I will probably have no hair for days.
Mon 26 Sep - We went to the rugger pitch with Mr. Newby and cut down the reeds and got rid of the cow pats.
Tue 27 Sep - We went to the rugger pitch and cut down the reeds and got rid of a load of cow pats.
Wed 28 Sep - Went on a bike ride to the Langdale Valley. It was about 16-17 miles. W.H.N. and C.L.S. took us.
Thu 29 Sep - Went to the rugger pitch and cut down reeds.
Fri 30 Sep - Erected rugger posts with Mr. Newby. Made a fire with cut down reeds. We made a terific smoke screen.
Sat 01 Oct - We went on cross-country run of 1 1/2 miles. I came 5th with a time of 11 mins 12 secs.
Sun 02 Oct - Rode my bike in the afternoon. Then had a small game of rugger with 4 per team.
Mon 03 Oct - Cleared path for the new cross country course. It used to be on the drive.
Tue 04 Oct - Indoor occs. Did prep during break. English and Geography.
Wed 05 Oct - Went on bike ride to Ambleside (and Grasmere - Ed). We saw William Wordsworth's grave.
Thu 06 Oct - Did prep during break. We did an Intelligence test instead of prep.
Fri 07 Oct - Cleared a path for the new cross-country course. I used a stick as a sythe and cut down bracken with it.
Sat 08 Oct - Film "The Black Shield of Falworth". Dug tuch lines on rugger pitch. Then we had a game of rugger. I was a forward.
Sun 09 Oct - Went to Wray church. No barbers.
Mon 10 Oct - Played a game of rugger. I was in the 2nd row of the scrum. We lost 9-0.
Tue 11 Oct - Did Estate work. We cleared the Bamboos & ferns from around the water-fall.
Wed 12 Oct - Went on a Bike Ride round the lake. It was about twenty-two miles long (the bike ride). Ian Williams cut his knee when he fell off.
Thu 13 Oct - Played a game of Rugger. I was in the 2nd row of the scrum. We lost 6-3.
Fri 14 Oct - Did Estate work on the Cross-Country course. We led "Beak" on a false trail through the woods.
Sat 15 Oct - We had the trial House match to-day. I was lock forward. The score was Alfred 3 Arthur 10.
Sun 16 Oct - Went to Wray field and got rid of the reeds on the pond for skating.
Mon 17 Oct - Has some practice for passing in rugger. We also has some kiking practice.
Tue 18 Oct - Gathered up the cut down reeds at the rugger pitch and put them in a huge pile.
Wed 19 Oct - Went on a bike ride, rose-hip picking. My group got 6 lbs 1 oz. We won. The next highest was 6 lbs.
Thu 20 Oct - Played a game of rugger. I was scrum half on the reds. Whites won 6-3.
Fri 21 Oct - Dug up sods for the rugger pitch. Then we had a muck about with a football with David Porter.
Sat 22 Oct - Film "The Titfield Thunderbolt". House match. I was sick and could not play. The score was 14-3 to Arthur.
Sun 23 Oct - Went to Wray Church in the afternoon. Played with a rugger ball in the morning. We had an extra 2 hours in bed because of the clocks going foreward.
Mon 24 Oct - Played a game of rugger. I was left center in the 3/4 line I was a red. The score was 3-3.
Tue 25 Oct - Filled in some of the holes on the rugger pitch with sods we had dug up on other days.
Wed 26 Oct - Went on a bike ride to the stepping stones. It was pouring with rain and we got soaked.
Thu 27 Oct - Played a game of football on the rugger pitch. Our team won 2-1. It was drizling and freezing.
Fri 28 Oct - Book Report. Half Term. I went home for 1/2 term at 5-15 p.m. Leslie Bell stayed with us.
Sat 29 Oct - Half Term. Went to swimming baths in the morning. Got the Invalid Chair going. Went and saw "Judas Goat" and "Black Spurs" at the Forum cinema.
Sun 30 Oct - Half Term. Had a crash in the Invalid Chair. Hurt my knee. Had a go with the airgun. Jeremy Fersuason came.
Mon 31 Oct - Played a game of rugger. I was red. Whites won 8-3.
Tue 01 Nov - I wasn an incap. Swept out Mister Butler's Hall. I used the new sweeper.
Wed 02 Nov - Went on bike ride. Had our lunch out. We had a cine picture taken of us.
Thu 03 Nov - Played a game of rugger. I was No.8 Lock Forward. I was on the red team. Whites won.
Fri 04 Nov - Richard's Birthday. Dug up sods and put them by the side of the Rugger Pitch. We carried them in barrows. I was great fun.
Sat 05 Nov - Guy Fawks Day. Played a game of rugger. I was a white. Reds won. We had supper outside by the fire. I had 2 sausages, 2 potatoes, 1 piece of bread, 1 flapjack.
Sun 06 Nov - No Barber No Church. Played a game of rugger on the rounders lawn. We won 50-33.
Mon 07 Nov - Played a game of rugger. I was on the Reds Team. At right wing three-quarter. The score was 9-3 to whites.
Tue 08 Nov - Did Estate work on making a bonfire. Had the bonfire at night. Had the Fireworks with a 10/- rocket at the end. All bed times were half an hour later.
Wed 09 Nov - Went on a bike ride round Esthwaite lake. It was very good. I got my gloves soaked in a river.
Thu 10 Nov - Played a game of rugger. I was No.8 lock-forward and I held the scrum together. Reds won. I was a red.
Fri 11 Nov - Went on the new cross-country course. I was 4th my record. I came in with a time of 8 mins 27 secs.
Sat 12 Nov - Went on the "B" cross-country course which is the new one. I was 4th again . I came in with a time of 8 mins 16 secs. I beat yesterdays time.
Sun 13 Nov - Barbers and Wray church. I was a cymbalist on Changing Houses.
Mon 14 Nov - Played a game of football. I was on the reds team. My position was center 1/2. The score was 4-4. I did not score.
Tue 15 Nov - Indoor occs. I helped Mr. Osmaston to work out some new General Maths C.E. Papers. I got my Dutch cheese and Lucas Booklets.
Wed 16 Nov - Went on a walk up Black Craig. It was terribly windy at the top. We went to see the triangulation point. "BEAK" came.
Thu 17 Nov - Played a game of football. It was all the people who were born abroad against all the people who were born in Britain. The foreiners won 4-0.
Fri 18 Nov - Did Estate work at the logging with M.G.B. We worked for 3/4 of an hour and played 1/4. It was terribly windy and I went on the pillars on the flag for the first time in 4 days.
Sat 19 Nov - Had a House Match. I was inside left. The score was 24-3 to Arthur. The points scored for us were scored by Tim Ferguson. Film "The Maggie".
Sun 20 Nov - No Church and No Barbers. I went cycling in the morning and afternoon. Cleaned my bike.
Mon 21 Nov - Played a game of rugger. I was right center. The score was 9-8 to us. I was a red. We got 3 trys. Whites got 2 trys and a conversion.
Tue 22 Nov - Did Estate work on clearing the Wray field pond. I took my spade. The weather was quite good and sunny but it was fairly cold.
Wed 23 Nov - Went on a bike ride to Coniston lake. Saw Donald Campbell and saw his Bluebird boat. But we did not see him in his Bluebird. Came back in the dark.
Thu 24 Nov - Played a game of rugger. I was left on the three-quarter line. I was a red. Whites won 9-3. It was a terribly close game.
Fri 25 Nov - We went on a cross-country run. It was the "A" route. I came 5th. Ian Williams beat me this time. I got a hundred badge for the first time ever.
Sat 26 Nov - Went on a cross- country. We had to go to certain points in the school grounds and be checked for the times.
Sun 27 Nov - Rode my bike in the morning. Went to Wray church for the last time this term.
Mon 28 Nov - Played a game of football. I was centre half the score was 3-1 to us. I was red. The weather was terribly cold and we had a little snow & hail.
Tue 29 Nov - Went to Wray field pond and put all the muck at the side into heaps. It was freezing cold and there was a layer of ice on the pond.
Wed 30 Nov - Went on a bike ride to Loughrigg. Tim Ferguson cut his knee. It was terificly windy and we did not have very good weather.
Thu 01 Dec - Indoor occs. I played billiards with Ian Williams. I did not go on the pillars on the flag because of the wind and rain.
Fri 02 Dec - Book Report. Went on a cross-country run. I came 4th with a time of 8.24. Jeremy Hartly nearly beat me.
Sat 03 Dec - Played a game of football with 4 balls. I was a red. Reds won 9-8. To kick off the balls were put on the center line. The teams were put behing the goal lines and then had to run to the balls.
Sun 04 Dec - No Church. Went and saw a Traction Engine pulling the new train the "Never Mite". Had Barbers in the afternoon in Dollywaggon. I cycled after I had my hair cut.
Mon 05 Dec - Played a game of football the same as on Saturday except that we only had 3 balls. I was a red. Whites won 8-7.
Tue 06 Dec - We went to Wray field pond and cleared some of the reeds and moss from it so that we can skate on it when it freezes.
Wed 07 Dec - Went on a bike ride to Tarn Hows. We went into a small wood by the side of the tarn. The weather was awfull. It was terebly windy.
Thu 08 Dec - We played a game of '4 ball soccer'. I was goalie for reds and I let 3 goals through. It was intensly cold and windy.
Fri 09 Dec - Indoor occs. Learnt my parts for the concert. And listened to the Music (piano) being practiced. We decorated the school. I helped with the Crosley.
Sat 10 Dec - We went and practiced the carols at Hawkshead Church. It was indoor occs during the afternoon.
Sun 11 Dec - We went to Hawkshead Church in the morning to sing the carols that we had practiced on Friday. Rober Toon and I went into bounds in the afternoon.
Mon 12 Dec - We did anything we liked during break. We had the senior concert. I was a ghost in Richard III. I was Toad in 'La Fuite de Monsieur Chapeau' and I was in Set 5 dancing.
Tue 13 Dec - Played a game of football. I was on the wining team 6-2. We had the Junior Nativity and also we had the carol service. I just cannot wait for end of term. The weather was cold.
Wed 14 Dec - Saw the new school film by Mr Derbishire. Tidied areas etc. Played a game of football with C.L.S. Pinched his cap.
Thu 15 Dec - Saw new and old school films. Indoor occs. I built a tower of Lego. We also made a Munster House. End of term service. Cleared out our desks. Charlie sent me a letter.
Fri 16 Dec - End of Term. I went by train on the 8.10 Carlisle party.