Huyton Hill School


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"I will with a good will"                              1926 to 1969

"... to promote Wisdom rather than Knowledge, and Courtesy rather than Cleverness."

Huyton Hill School

Watercolour painting by John Mott, May 2012

Lakeside painting by John Mott, September 2012

Huyton Hill Preparatory School for boys circa early 1950s. © English Heritage. NMR.

Huyton Hill Preparatory School for boys circa early 1950s.

Huyton Hill School in winter circa 1960. Note that the jetty is under water!

Huyton Hill School from Wansfell.
(with permission from Tony Sutton,

Huyton Hill - Pull Wood House, June 2011.

The building and grounds were purchased by Pullwood Bay Estates in 2002 and are being beautifully maintained.

It has been extended on the right hand (south) side very nicely in keeping with the original building.


School prospectus can  be found here: