2015 Calendar of Events

HUVARS conducts launches and meetings on a regular schedule and are open to anyone age 10 or older, members and non-members alike. If you are not a member and would like to stop by at a meeting or launch to find out what we're all about (building and flying rockets, of course!), then we would love to meet you!

Here's what we have planned for 2015:

NSL - May 23 - 25 - National Sport Launch - Orangeburg, South Carolina
The Rocketry Organization of South Carolina at Orangeburg (ROSCO) is very excited to host the National Sport Launch (NSL) 2015 in Orangeburg, South Carolina. NSL is the National Association of Rocketry’s (NAR’s) pinnacle sport rocketry event. NSL is a sport launch where hundreds of attendees launch rockets for fun. More information can be found at nsl2015.com

Great Lakes Cup - June ?? - Oswego, Illinois
This is an annual rocketry competition and exposition, to be held at Oswego East High School in Oswego, IL. You can find details here.

NARAM 57 & US Spacemodeling Team Flyoffs
 - July 26 thru July 31 - National Meet - Tucson, Arizona
The National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet (NARAM) is the NAR's annual model rocketry championship. This is THE big national meet, where NAR members from around the world gather for a week-long rocketeers' reunion.

Maker Faire - July 25-26 - Do-It-Yourself Fair - The Henry Ford, Dearborn, Michigan
This has been a huge success the past couple years, and a lot of fun for those who participated. 2015's Maker Faire will be held July 25-26 at The Henry Ford, Dearborn, MI.
We team up with the Jackson Model Rocketry Club (JMRC).

Post-Holiday Holiday Party
January 2016. Because of the difficulty in scheduling yet another party during the busy Christmas/Holiday season, we have our holiday party later, in January. Watch this space and the email list for when and where.
HUVARS-sponsored NAR-sanctioned contests
All HUVARS contests are held at Jackson Community College, Jackson, MI.
Sorry, folks, there will be no HUVARS-sponsored contests in 2015
Please check out our sister NAR section/club SMASH's schedule here
"Fun Fly" Launch/Picnics
All fun launches are held at Lyon Township Park, New Hudson, MI. They always include picnicking too, so bring charcoal and something to grill (the park has grills) and/or something to share. If you are a visitor, then please don't feel obligated to bring food to share. Just come out with your kids and rockets and have fun!

Also note that all are weather permitting, so watch the email list to make sure we're really going to be there.

e have scheduled the following fun fly/picnic dates. All are Saturdays
April - cancelled  ** Fly with Jackson Model Rocket Club at Hornings Field #2  Directions
June 13
July - Maker Faire
August 15
September -
cancelled  ** Fly with Jackson Model Rocket Club at Michigan International Speedway  Directions

Also, if the weather looks good during any other free weekend, then feel free to organize impromptu fun launches via email to our list server. You should also contact us via email before making the drive to ensure that someone will actually be there.
Meetings are held either at fun fly launch/picnics (see schedule above) or at CAE, Inc., in Hamburg, MI. Often at meetings at CAE we have some activity scheduled, such as build sessions or kit bashes. Members and non-members are welcome. We'd love to have you stop by for a visit!
April - meet at this month's fun fly/picnic at Lyon Township Park on the 11th instead (see fun launch schedule above)
May - meet at this month's fun fly/picnic at Lyon Township Park on the 9th instead (see fun launch schedule above)
June - meet at this month's fun fly/picnic at Lyon Township Park on the 13th instead (see fun launch schedule above)
July - Maker Faire event - Make it, fly it and take it. We need volunteers to man the building tables and run the range.
August - meet at this month's fun fly/picnic at Lyon Township Park on the 15th instead (see fun launch schedule above)
September meet at JMRC launch at M.I.S. (see fun launch schedule above)
October 14 (Wednesday) - meeting cancelled
November 12 (Thursday)
- Meeting at CAE, 7:00 p.m.
December 9 (Wednesday) - Meeting at CAE, 7:00 p.m.