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Lives & Times: Place Matters
Humanistic Studies 103 - online
Summer 2011

Mary Cassatt, "Young Mother Sewing" (1900)

    Place—whether comprised of individual rooms, regional landscapes, cities, or even entire countries—has the power to both shape and reflect identity. Throughout the semester, we will explore why who we are is largely dependent on where we are, asking a series of questions that include the following: if you change the setting, do you change the story, especially if that “story” is the story of you own life? And, more broadly, in what ways does place—like gender, race, class, age, ability, and accent— really matter to who we are? Collectively, the memoir, play and short stories that form our reading list will offer preliminary answers to these questions as they invite us into the lives of fictional characters and actual historical figures from times past. For more information on Humanistic Studies, check out this post.


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 Sewing" (1900)