The Husted Family from Dorset, England
To Massachusetts, United States in 1635

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Robert Husted, our immigrant ancestor, and his family made their way from England to Massachusetts and then to the present day towns of Stamford and Greenwich, Connecticut, and areas of New York. Robert Husted and his son Angell Husted were witnesses on a land treaty for the area of land now Greenwich, Connecticut, both Robert and Angell living in the Stamford and Greenwich Towns. Angell Husted is listed as one of the "patentee's", or founders of Greenwich, Connecticut. Robert Husted's son Robert Jr. setteled in the New York area. Angell Husted's son Moses Husted, by 1696, had purchased land in what is now Salem County, New Jersey. By 1840, Reuben Husted, a great - grandson of Moses Husted had made his way to Ross County, Ohio. Many of my Husted and related families were from the areas of Ross and Pike Counties in southern Ohio. Some related names include : Shoemaker, Kellough, Bayhan, Yoakem, Mick, Grubb, Pennisten, and Pummell.


Ewstead, Huste, Heustis, Heusted, Husted, Hustead.

These variations of our family name have been found by numerous researchers, and are the basis for our present day surnames. They appear to from the 1500's in England, to the time of our immigrant ancestor Robert Heusted, along with his sons Angell [ Heusted ], and Robert Jr. [ Heustis ]. It seems the Angell Heusted line of our family came to be Husted at some point in time and descendants of Angell Husted, later living in the border areas of Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, [Pre Civil - War Virginia ] changed to Hustead. The Robert Heustis Jr. line in the New York area continued the Heustis family name there. Ann Husted, the daughter of Robert Husted and his wife Elizabeth, married Richard Hardy of Stamford, Connecticut.

Some Husted researchers include a John Husted b.1510 in Newport, Isle Of Wight, as being a chaplain to the " then Queen Elizabeth " and his son Lawrence Husted b.1545, in Dorsetshire, as the father of our ancestor Robert Husted. The COUNTY RECORD OFFICE in Newport does list a John Eustice who was baptised in 1544, the son of John Eustice, but neither were in the service of the Queen. A Chaplain to the Queen, Richard Eades, of Newport, was born in 1544, died in 1604, and is buried in Worchester Cathederal.

Richard Ewstead, who is documented, sailed with a Reverend Francis Higginson party to Massachusetts in 1629, and he was in the area of Salem Massachusetts. It is unknown if Richard Ewstead is any possible relative to our immigrant ancestor Robert Husted.


Robert Husted [Huste] [Hewstead] [Heusted] [ Hustis ] ca.1595 - 1652

Some Husted researchers say that Robert Husted had a possible first wife, Anne Moon, and the children born to them in Bridgeport, Dorset, England were Morgan, Anne, and Deanes.

Morgan - b.08/10/1617
Anne - 03/14/1619-1620
Deanes - 09/23/1621
The given date for the possible marriage of Robert and Anne Moon is April 16th, 1616 and a death date for Anne Moon of February 1st, 1622
In this country, no records of census, death, will, or probate records have been found or seen for Anne Moon, or the children, Anne, Morgan, or Deanes.

"1623 Visitation records " for Dorsetshire, or Somersetshire, do not seem to list Robert Husted, other Husted's, or imaginable variations of the Husted name that will connect to our ancester, Robert Husted. These records show an Elizabeth Miller being the daughter of Lawrence Miller and his wife Joane Smith. Joane was the daughter and sole heir of Angell Smith of Stratton, Dorsetshire, and apparently Joane was married first to a George Graye.

Robert Husted's possible second wife, Elizabeth Miller, was Christened in Stratton, Dorset, and their children, who were born in Dorset, England were Angell, Ann, and Robert jr.

In 1628, from tax records, Robert Husted had a home in or around the town of Pilsden, in Dorsetshire, England.

Copies of the wills for our ancestor Robert Husted and his wife Elizabeth are available, Robert Husted names his wife as Elizabeth. Land purchase deeds that Robert and his son Angell were witnesses for can be found. Wills and Deeds of land ect., are available from Robert Hustis jr., and Angell Huested sr.

Around March 20,1635, Robert was a member of the Weymouth Parish, and left England with the Crewkerne Parish Leader Reverend Joseph Hull, sailing from the Port of Weymouth, England, on a ship [Unknown], also possibly registered as the MARYGOULD, [Marygold]. They landed in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Robert lived somewhere in the area near Weymouth, Massachusetts, and on January 27,1640, Robert and his family were offered a grant of land in Mount Woolaston, later [Braintree], Massachusetts of 32 acres of land, 4 acres for each family member, at a price of 3 shillings an acre. We know of five members of Robert's family, somehow there were three other members living in Robert's household to be eligible for the 32 acres of land. ?
"Names of those who came here to reside, and are to be found on the Braintree town and parish records: Each member of a family recieved four acres."
Heads - Acres
1638. Feb, 19th., Hawkins, James 4, 16
1638. Feb, 19th., Hawkins, Thomas 4, 16
1640. Jan. 27th. Hewstead, Robert 8, 32
1640. Mar, 30th., Haven Robert 4, 16
1640. Mar, 30th., Hathaway, Nicholas 9, 36

On July 18, 1640, Robert Husted and Andrew Messenger signed as witnesses on a document for Captain Daniel Patrick and his Lieutenant, Robert Feakes to purchase land from the Native American Indians in the area now known as Greenwich, Connecticut. Robert's son Angell Husted and Richard Williams signed as witnesses for a purchase of land by Jeffry Ferris on this same document. Angell Husted had to be at least 14 years old to sign as a witness [as 14 was the legal age at that time].

Robert, by October,1642, was granted 7 acres of land in Stamford, Connecticut.
The words in {parenthese}, are not readable in the original document. Recorded in Stamford,Connecticut: "As of October,1642,in a general town meeting was given these, following,these lots as other men, marsh & woodland, viz:{ }ine,Jo.Underhill,eight acres; to Robert Hustice seven acres; { }acres; Jo.Miller,five acres, to Jo. Finch,six acres; { }ree acres; & to every of them woodland after the same proportion,& to William Newman two acres marsh and three acres woodland".

Robert had a home in Stamford, Connecticut and lived there until 1645, when he purchased land in Greenwich Connecticut from Robert Feakes, and built another home. Robert Husted was living in Greenwich at least until September 18, 1649 when Robert, along with Thomas Sherwood, Richard Crab and John Coe sent a letter to the Dutch Governor of the area, Peter Stuyvesant concerning problems between the towns of Stamford and Greenwich. The will of Robert Husted is dated July 8, 1652, and leaves his land in Stamford to his son Robert [Robert Hustis], his land in Greenwich to his son Angell [Heusted].


Robert Husted had a sense of adventure and opportunity, probably with less money than those he traveled with. Obviously joining with Reverend Joseph Hull, to America; knowing or meeting Daniel Patrick and Roberet Feake, which brought his family to Stamford, Connecticut.

Robert Heustis jr. and Angell Heusted, the sons of Robert Husted seem to have chosen seperate areas to live, Angell Heusted staying in the Greenwich, Stamford area of Connecticut, and Robert Heustis making a home in New York. During their lives, Robert and Angell lived in areas either under the control of the British, or the Dutch, and Religion was also a serious part of every-day life. It seems that those who left England for freedom, still lived in areas under English control of life, religion and protection. Areas under Dutch Authority seemed to be more tolerent of a person, a family, or a town's lifestyle. The change of the spelling of the Husted name between these two brothers appears definite.

Richard Ewstead was in Salem, Massachusetts in 1629 with "Frances Higginson's Fleet". Did he stay, die in Salem, Massachusetts, or go back to England. Could Richard Ewstead have been a brother or relative to Robert Hustes [Husted], our known ancestor.? On January,27,1639, Robert Husted was given a grant of of 32 acres of land in Braintree, Massachusetts. Parish Records show 4 acres for each family member, apparently 8 family members under the name of Robert Hewstead. Did our Husted family do the same in England? Each identified with his own pronounced name, Heustis - New York area, Heusted [ Husted ]- Connecticut, and and New Jersey, with Moses Hustead - Pennsylvania, Virginia [ later West Virginia ]. Another question is if, most times it was common to name the first - born son after the father, why was the first born son of our ancestor Robert Husted named Angell and not Robert jr., if our family dates are correct?

ROBERT HUSTED - b.1595 - d.1652.....marr. Elizabeth Miller - b.1606-d.1654
* Angell [ Heusted ], Husted*
- Robert [ Heustis ], Husted jr. - b.1626 - d.12/23/1704....marr..Elizabeth Buxton
- Ann Husted b. - 1623 - d.12/13/1707....marr..Richard Hardy

ANGELL HUSTED - b.1620-1628 - d.1706....marr..Rebecca Sherwood - b.1625 - d.aft.1706
Rebecca Sherwood was the daughter of Thomas Sherwood and Alice ? (Seabrook), being nine years of age when the family came to Massachusetts in 1634.
* Moses Husted *
- Rebecca Husted - b.? - d.?....marr.. Jonathan Reynolds
- Jonathan Husted - b.? - d.?....marr.. Mary Lockwood
- David Husted - b.1649 - d.1706....marr..?
- Joseph Husted - b.1662 - d.?....marr.. Sarah Seymour
- Elizabeth Husted - b.? - d.?....marr..Joseph Baldwin
- John Husted - b.? - d.?....marr..?
- Samuel Husted - b1665 - d.1741....marr...Sarah Knapp
- Angell Husted jr. - b.1654 - d.1728 - marr...Mary Mead
MOSES HUSTED - b.1659 - d.?....marr..
* David Husted *
- Moses jr. - b.1710 - d.08/23/1773....marr..Elizabeth Stanley
DAVID HUSTED - b.1713 - d.1775....marr..Priscilla Ann Whiticar
* Reuben Husted *
- David Husted jr. - b.1737 d.06/19/1804....marr..Priscilla Diament
- Zephaniah Husted - b.? - d.?....marr...?
- Jeremiah Husted - b.1743 - d.1786....marr...Annie Bacon
- Jonathan Husted - b.1768 - d.?....marr..Hannah Bacon
- Joel Husted - b.1758 - d.05/17/1796....marr..?
- Rhoda Husted - b.1749 - d.07/30/1829....marr..John Burk
- Hosea Husted - b.02/06/1753 - d.05/25/1823....marr..Mary Mountgomery
REUBEN HUSTED - b.1755 - d.1827......marr..Ruth Johnson - b.1757-d.aft.1843
* Reuben Husted jr. *
- Josiah Husted - b.? - d.?....marr...Polly Fithian
- Elmer Husted - b.? - d.?....marr...?
- Sarah Husted - b.? - d.?....marr...Samuel Moore
- Daniel Husted - b.09/12/1787 - d.07/22/1860....marr...?
- Elijah Husted - b.1789 - d.09/13/1855....marr...Clarissa Buck
- Ebenezer Husted - b.1800 - d.?....marr...?
- Violetta Husted - b.1807 - d.?....marr...?
REUBEN HUSTED jr. - b.1778 - d.1844....marr...1st Sally Mountgomery marr...2nd Mary Kellough
* Aden Husted *
- Daniel Husted - b.? - d.?....marr..?
- Sarah Husted - b.? - d.?....marr..?
- Matthias Husted - b.? - d.?....marr..?
- Nathan Husted - b.05/01/1823 - d.11/13/1903....marr.1st Mary Willis..2nd Mary Stockwell
- John Husted - b.1828 - d.06/13/1886....marr..Jacqueline Griffin
- Charles Husted - b.06/10/1831 - d.01/09/1903....marr..Elizabeth Lawson
- Reuben Husted III - b.? - d.?....marr..?

ADEN HUSTED - b.1822 - d.1905....marr..Sarah Pummell - b.1823-d.1903
* Isaac Husted *
- Orlando Husted - b.07/20/1861 - d.1939....marr..Anne Rinehart
- Mary Husted - b.03/13/1859 - d.01/16/1934....marr..Lewis Harvey
- Samuel Husted - b.1856 - d.1933....marr..Emma Ross
- Emma Husted - b.1863 - d.1954....marr..Samuel Rhodes
- James Husted - b.1868 - d.1935....marr..Margaret Lawson
- John Husted - b.1853 - d.1932....marr..Rebecca Dowler
ISAAC HUSTED - b.12/21/1852 - d.06/27/1934....marr..
[1] Martha Peniston - b.08/09/1852 - d.04/05/1884
- Maggie Husted - b.04/24/1878 - d.?....marr..?
- Edward Husted - b.06/20/1879 - d.1972....marr..Martha Shoemaker
- Nora Husted - b.06/14/1881 - d.1914.
[2] Minney May Bayham - b.08/02/1862 - d.02/09/1919
* Lee Roy Husted *
- Marion Husted - b.10/25/1891 - d.02/04/1950.
- Hazel Husted - b.01/05/1900 - d.1969....marr..Fred Robinette

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Thank you's to Grand-Dad Husted for getting me intersted, Aunt Lois for giving me more more interest, along with information on my direct family. LeRoy Husted, the Founder of the Husted Family National Association, and Other Husted Cousins: Melvin in Ohio, Grace of Stamford, Mr.Ayers, Jeffery in Alabama, Karl in N.J., Wil in Montana, Vern in Florida, John in Florida?, Phyllis and Dr.Sam in Illinois, Shirley, Beth in Indiana,[ thank you for the information on "Pet Husted" ]. Hello to Cousin Terry, who thinks our Reuben Husted may have been in Danville, Illinois. ? Hello to new found cousins in Connecticut, and Illinois. It seems that from Reuben Husted and his wife Sarah Johnson in New Jersey, thru their son Reuben in Ohio, and his sons who stayed in Ohio, or moved to Illinois, many Husted cousins have stories to tell. If you have a Husted Genealogy Web Page, and would like to link to this page, or if anyone want's to share information, or family stories on this web page, I will place it here, and credit it to you and your research.

The Husted's of my family will be up-dated when possible.


Robert; Angell; Moses; David; Reuben; Reuben; Adin; Issac; LeRoy Husted.

Moses Husted: Moses Husted was born in Greenwich, Connecticut about 1659, the son of Angell Husted [ Huested ] and Rebecca Sherwood. By October 24,1696, Moses held a deed of sixteen acres of land in Salem County, New Jersey, from Jeremiah Beacon. Moses Husted, along with Captain Joseph Seeley are said to have founded the first settlement in what is now Fairfield Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey. Whom he married, his date or place of death, and any children other than sons Moses and David are unknown so far.
[ Moses was about 37 years old when he purchased land in New Jersey, and was he was 51-53 years old when his sons David and Moses were born. In my opinion it's possible that he also had other children younger than David and Moses, or he was married more than once. Records that put Moses in this area of New Jersey and time of the 1690 - 1700's, also list a Walter Husted, but no parents, wife, children, or relatives can be associated with him. Could he be a son of Moses Husted b.1659? ]

David Husted: David Husted was born ca.1713, in Fairfield Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey, the son of Moses Husted. David married Priscilla Ann Whiticar and they lived in the area of Fairton in New Jersey. David and Priscilla were members of the Fairfield Presbyterian Church [Old Stone Church]. David died in March /1775, his will is dated March 15, 1775, and was proved on April 06/1775. David's wife Priscilla was born about 1726, and died about 1762, in Fairton, New Jersey. Both are buried in the "Old Stone Church Cemetery".

Reuben Husted: Reuben Husted was born in 1755, the son of David Husted and Priscilla Ann Whiticar, in the area of Fairton, Cumberland County, New Jersey. Reuben married Ruth Johnson on April 16, 1778, and established a home near Fairton or Cedarville, in Cumberland County. From the best information so far, eight children were born, apparently four being lost in infancy. Reuben served in the Revolutionary War, at the battles of Trenton and Princeton, and on April 16, 1818, at the age of sixty-three, he was granted a pension as a veteran of the Revolutionary War. Reuben died 0n May 14, 1827, in Cedarville, and was buried in the Old Stone Church Cemetary in Fairton, New Jersey. After legislation was approved allowing war widows to draw a pension, his wife Ruth Johnson, at the age of 86, was granted a widows pension on July 25, 1843. Ruth probably died in Cedarville, the exact place and date unknown so far.

Reuben Husted Jr.: Reuben Husted was born near the area of Cedarville, New Jersey 12/08/1788, the son of Reuben Husted and Ruth Johnson. Reuben may have first married Sally Mountgomery on October/04/1803, in New Jersey, with a second marriage to Mary Kellough in New Jersey, or possibly Ohio. Children were Daniel, Sarah, Mathias, Reuben, John, Charles, Nathan, and Adin. Reuben's children Daniel, Sarah, and Reuben,3rd may have married and have remained in the Millville or Fairton areas of New Jersey. Sometime before 1840, Reuben made his way to Ohio. The Ohio cenus of 1840 has Reuben, wife Mary and son Adin, and the later marriages of sons John, Nathan, and Charles are recorded in the records of Ross County Ohio.
According to various family descendants, Reuben was a "rough individual, who was prone to a drink, and was not overly kind to anyone, especially his wife or children". At times, his wife Mary [Kellough ], who was also known as "Pet Husted", was hidden for protection. This may have given three of his son's a reason to leave Ohio.
Around 1856, Nathan, John, and Charles had left the area of Bainbridge, Ross, County, Ohio, and were living in the area of Clark County, Illinois, with some of their descendants being in the apple orchard business. Family stories say that the father of the musician Burl Ives worked for them in the orchards.
Nathan, John, and Charles lived in, and married in Ross County, Ohio.
Nathan married Mary Willis 12/02/1847 in Chillicothe, Ohio, with a daughter Josephine. Mary Willis passed away and in Illinois, on 04/21/1856,Nathan married Mary Stockwell, and they had children, John, Thomas, and Mary.
John married Jacqulien Griffin 03/08/1849 in Ross County,Ohio with children Ella, Claude, Alice, and Ullrich. Some descendants related to Claude Husted later moved to Michigan.
Charles married Elizabeth Lawson, with a son Grant Husted.

Located in Ross County, Ohio, close to Bainbridge, the headstone of "Mary, wife of Reuben" does not give any information concerning her husband Reuben, only her death in 1866. There does not appear to be any un-marked graves near Mary.

Adin Husted
Adin and his wife Sarah Pummill were farmers, and after ca. 1856, Adin's mother Mary [Kellough] lived with them, [away from her husband Reuben], until her passing. Adin and Sarah, in their later years, were living on Potts Hill Rd, near Nipgen, in Ross County, Ohio. Pictures of their home ca.1895 and pictures taken nearly 100 years later, reveal new windows and roof, but the basic home is there.

Issac Husted
Issac Husted and his first wife Martha Penniston lived near Nipgen, Ohio, with their two children, Edward and Nora. Ed Husted married Martha Jane Shoemaker. Nora passed away in her early 30's. There is a a picture of a Gladys Husted who may be a sister of Ed Husted or Ed husted's son Melvin?? At a time around 1890, Issac came home to find Martha had passed away, and he later married Minnie May Bayhan, daughter of Gilead Bayhan M.D. of Pike County, Ohio, with children Hazel, Marion, and Roy.

Lee Roy Husted
Lee Roy Husted was one of the children of Isaac Husted, and married Anna G. Dunlap. Roy was a veteran of World War One, and survived the influenza outbreak of 1917 - 1918. He told me that he was at Camp Sherman in Chillicothe,Ohio, during the winter and there was no room for him in a barricks with so many soldiers being sick. Along with others, he had a cot outside and many blankets to hopefully stay warm. He thought being outside in fresh air helped him survive, as many other soldiers died. Later, in the 1930's and 40's, in Springfield,Ohio, Roy raised his family on a farm, and used other available land in the area for truck farming. Starting in the late 1940's, Lee Roy was building homes around the northern city limits of Springfield,Ohio. The Dunlap family apparently came from Ireland in the early 1800's. My grandmother, Anna G. Dunlap, was born in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and her mother worked as a maid on the Whithall Farm near the city limits of Yellow Springs, Ohio. Somewhere between Yellow Springs, and Bainbridge, Ohio, they met.


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