Karim H. Hussein
A little bit about me: 

I was born in Alexandria, Egypt and moved to the California when I was about eight years old. That was the major turning point in my life, due to having to learn a whole new language, English, as well as adapt to a culture completely different from that that I was used to. 

After so, I moved to South Florida when I was about twelve years old. There, I continued to pursue my goals in my education as well as Track & Field. Things that later led me to King High School in Tampa, Florida where I attended the International Baccalaureate program. 

Throughout my time at King high school, I focused my studies more towards science, a subject area I've enjoyed since my childhood days. I also participated in Track & Field, where I won eighth place in the state in the  300 meter hurdles event. 

My accomplishments in high school led me to the University of South Florida where I am currently a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Sciences pursuing medical school. 

Medicine is something that I've enjoyed ever since my childhood days when my father would put on his lab coat and go to work. It's a profession that will allow me to heal the wounded, help the needy, and enjoy doing something that I've longed to do since I found out what it really was.

Karim H. Hussein