Open Arms Minnesota

Address: 1414 East Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Contact Person:
Phone: 612-872-1152
Mission: This year, 2006, marks the 20th year since Open Arms began preparing and delivering meals to people living with HIV/AIDS. Throughout our history, Open Arms has been a welcoming place for the clients we serve and for all who come through our doors to help us accomplish our mission. In recognition of our 20th anniversary and our expansion to serve even more people with HIV/AIDS and other diseases, we are pleased to share with you the mission, vision and core values that will guide us in the future. Our Mission With open arms we nourish body, mind and soul. Our Vision We see a world of abundance where people won’t go hungry. Our Core Values At Open Arms, the kitchen is the heart of who we are. Heritage Open Arms is something good that has come from a terrible disease, HIV/AIDS. We honor our roots and remain committed to serving people who live with HIV/AIDS while sharing our experiences and resources to meet evolving needs of those with other life threatening illnesses. At our kitchen’s table, there is always room for one more.. Food We love food-it is the main ingredient that draws us together in the kitchen. We love to cook and bake, to serve meals and to eat. So many of life’s significant events involve food. Through food we celebrate life. Connectedness The stories we share in the kitchen where we work together are the same the world over-our community knows no boundaries. Open Arms brings diverse people together to share, learn, heal, grow, work towards a common goal and have fun. Innovation Different spices and experimentation in our kitchen keep Open Arms fresh and on the cutting edge of not-for-profit organizations. We take calculated risks that allow us to expand our thinking, programming and view of the world. We actively seek creative solutions to challenges, both locally and globally. Responsibility Open Arms makes the most of all of our resources: the time and talents of our volunteers and staff, our community relationships and partnerships, our reputation and the gifts entrusted to us. Social responsibility is the recipe that will sustain Open Arms now and into the future. Hope Hope is the secret ingredient in every meal we prepare and deliver-and in every interaction we have with each other and those around us.