Jane Addams School for Democracy

Address: Baker Community Center
209 West Page Street
St. Paul, MN 55107
Contact Person:
Phone: (651) 209-3519
Website: http://www.janeaddamsschool.org/
Mission: "Jane Addams School (JAS) is an initiative in democratic education. Our philosophy is that 'Everyone is a teacher and a learner'. Our mission is to free and cultivate the talents, cultures, and interests of ordinary people of diverse backgrounds and traditions, in order to add their energy and wisdom to the common public wealth. JAS is inspired by the vision of democracy, productive citizenship, and popular education held by settlement pioneers like Jane Addams, where people can come and work together to achieve their goals. JAS values are: Everyone is a teacher and a learner, we honor all cultures, citizenship means making contributions to the community, adults and children learn together and changes can happen when people work together." There are learning circles and Dinner and Dialogue at JAS on Mondays and Wednesdays, 6-9 p.m.(you are required to attend one night a week.) There is a Hmong Circle, an East African Circle, and a Spanish Circle, In the circles there is a cultural exchange discussion (with translation) the first part of the night. Then learning pairs (of college student and immigrant adult) work to prepare for the citizenship test, literacy learning, computer skills, conversation, social action and collaborative projects. This is a 30 hour commitment.