Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota

Address: 420 15th Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55454
Contact Person:
Phone: 612-338-5282
Mission: Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of Somalis in Minnesota to become contributing members of society, while keeping their culture. Diversion This program is intended to help and work with troubled and truancy Somali youth. In order to enter this program is to abide, admit all wrong doing for voluntary, this program proposes to the juvenile accused with a criminal felony choices to the juvenile impartiality procedures, also we give a great deal of share to the parent or the legal guardian a great deal of participation. Girls Program Every other Thursday, from 4pm-6 pm To create a space for Somali Girls Group develops their capabilities and interact from a position of respect and understanding with adults, they meet. Homework Help Club Monday-Thursday 4pm to 7pm This program is designed to help youth to do their homework and get help if they need it. The program is also, designed to encourage youth to be better with their reading, writing and math, we have two centers, and they are Cedar Riverside People?s Center for Elementary and Middle School and High School Kids at Foss Center at Augsburg College only Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30pm-5:30pm Leadership Last Friday of every month, 5pm- 7pm Class length is for two hours, it is once for every month. The Youth Leadership Class is an innovative leadership and service training program that provides young Somalia people with the encouragement, peer network and leadership skills necessary for them to make meaningful contributions to their communities and to began a life-long journey of leadership and services. Youths will also, have the chance to discuss the issues they are dealings with. Sports We have both young Somali basketball players from age 9-12 and also Somali basketball teenagers, who always play mini tournament & big leagues that arranged through CSCM & other partners. Tournaments & Recreations CSCM holds four large tournaments for both soccer and basketball from the 10- 14 years old for the youths and 14-18 years old for the teens for the Ramadan and the Somali Independences Day every year. Storytime Second Monday of every month, 5pm to 6pm This program is designed to help Somali Youths to keep & understand their rich fully culture and to tell Somali Folk Stories and teach Somali culture in order to adopt their original culture and also, adopt the good American culture Street Program Every other Friday 3:30pm ? 5:30p This group designed to help the troubled street youth, and also meet and identify their needs and problems by their own way, while this meetings facilitated by CSCM Street Outreach staff.